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Lalitha Mehta

6 months ago

Our first visit here with a group of friends. The space backs up to some water and we had a nice table with a view of sorts. The space inside was well laid out. The noise level inside was not terrible. We could have some decent conversation without having to shout across the table. We were waited on by Ross. Pleasant and attentive service throughout the evening. We were not rushed and we had the time to chat between drinks, appetizers and entrees. I ordered the crispy calamari, which was anything but crispy. I brought the rest home to crisp it up in the oven. Slightly disappointed. My husband was happy with the mozzarella meatballs. Quite a hefty small plate. We also ordered two flat breads that were quite good. The others at the table were happy with their entrees. It was a successful dinner outing to a new place.


Marcio G.

4 months ago

This was our third time at this restaurant. The first time was not as good but since that first time we have enjoyed this place so much. The bar staff is awesome. Knows how to go make drinks. The wait staff always on point (except for not bringing a steak knife with the lamb chops as it was served - ended up waiting a while after food was already on table) however minor error in the grand scheme of all that goes on in a establishment like this one. The food is amazing which is why weve returned. So much flavor and balanced. All of the the starters selection are also well created. Weve tried them all now. We love this place and will continue to return. Here are some photos from our last visit :)


E Blount

5 months ago

We had a good dinner experience. The restaurant is bright, clean , and modern. 1. Our server, Paxton was great. He was very attentive and he knew the menu well. 2. The food was good. We had crab cakes, 2 salads, and a salmon entree. 3. Service was kind of slow on this night. It took a while to get our order out to the table. 4. Be prepared to pay for the ambiance. We easily spent $100 but we weren't necessarily excited about it. The food, while tasty, wasn't mind-blowing and the one alcoholic beverage we had was just ok. 5. All in all, we enjoyed the experience, we just felt like it fell a bit short of other restaurants in it's price range.


Min-Joo Edwards

10 months ago

Food and service is top notch! Had my sisters bridal shower here and everything was so lovely. The quiche was amazing, along with everything else. Cocktails were very good too


Julio Rincon Jr (Jae’are)

5 months ago

Date night! First time at Napa and was welcomed so graciously! We was blessed to have David as our server. He was fully knowledgeable of the menu with the ability to answer all of our questions and concerns, he even made great suggestions too. His seamless customer service was so refreshing! Im not big on alcoholic drinks so I asked for a mocktail version of a drink that was on the menu, I gave it a 6 out of 10 so I asked David for another choice and to my surprise he went the extra step and created an original drink just for me! And that drink was a 10 out of 10! We called it THE DAVID lol but seriously yall need to try it! My wife and I really enjoyed the food seasoning was on point and the dessert was a chefs kiss. We definitely will plan on coming back

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