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william sarkozy

in the last week

Had falafel or at least that is what I ordered. Not sure how anything else is there but I will never know, once was enough. In response to the owners comment. I was with you until your last two lines. Judge on one thing? Yes, it's what I had and this is a review. Was everything that bad? Nothing in the order was worth trying again in my opinion, that is what a review by one person is. As far as doing this to anyone else??? That is what a review is and there are many who seem to think what you serve is appropriate for them. As for me I expressing my opinion to those who may want "Greek" food and perhaps some of your other items meet their expectation but what I had was far below what I expected. If it offends you then you can reflect, perhaps search out what Greek cuisine is and strive to emulate that or just say you are casual and influenced by some Greek oriented cuisine. In a competitive market consumers have choice and they can vote with their dollar, what I have stated is I voted and I am letting others know that the thing I ordered was below the expectation of what I had hoped for. Do you want objective or do you want me to pander? Do you think a chef Ramsey would be kind???


Diwakar Viswanathan

a year ago

A quiet little Greek restaurant tucked inside a busy lane of interesting restaurants. Had lunch here and it was good. The food was good. Portion was big and very good value for money. Quite a good entree n sides. The Oakra fries tasted great. Friendly staff. Overall a good experience.


Serena CP

a week ago

Stopped for a drink and it was literally rubbing alcohol. One star is all I can give. For the location you gotta do better than that.


Angela Murillo

2 weeks ago

One of my preferred locations for delicious greek food. Excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. The service was helpful and kind. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I loved to visit.


Carter Family

a year ago

Small upstairs dining area with bar on bottom floor. Wait staff are friendly and attentive. The food came out super fast and it was incredibly delicious. The prices are so inexpensive and they give you a ton of food! I'm so excited about this place. I can't wait to try a different item on the menu.