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Sandy Khaled

11 months ago

I was genuinely surprised by the food here. I thought it was going to be similar to places where they compensate bad food with modern deco but no, not at all, it was really good! Its very easy to make Asian dishes salty but this place got it just right. I would definitely recommend it. I also got the taro latte which barely tasted like taro but it wasnt bad either :)


John Jezreel Acompanado

10 months ago

This place well exceeded my expectations. While the establishment is certainly on the more expensive side, and given the admittedly small portions, there's no mistaking the rich quality of the food. Moreover, my party had went over on a Saturday night and our dishes came out faster than anyone anticipated! We were amazed at the overall service. While I mentioned some of the items are of smaller portions, it balances out given the fact that likewise other menu items are meant to be enjoyed by parties. In the end it evens out. Great place for special occasions.


Yolanda Hernandez

3 months ago

By far the best Asian food I have had in years!!! Very nice portions. We ordered the Beef Chow Fun and the Shrimp/Char Siu fried rice and the taste was awesome. The beef and noodles were tender and delicious. The fried rice had a great flavor. This will be our new spot from now on. I don't mind paying a bit more for good food. It was well worth it!!


Adria Clay

6 months ago

Ate here on a Sunday afternoon - restaurant wasn't packed. I got a soda to drink - they bring you a can with a cup of ice; so refills are not free. For my appetizer I ordered the pork potstickers (fried). They were delicious! It's served with a dipping sauce which was great. My entree - Beef Chow Fun. The beef was tender and the portion was filling. I added the dipping sauce from my appetizer to my meal - gave it the extra pop it needed! Make sure to save room for desert!!! I ordered a vanilla scoop of ice cream with oreo, fruity pebbles, chocolate and caramel drizzle on top!! The bubble waffle was still warm too. This was a pleasant experience - look forward to trying different menu items!


Jim Secker

3 weeks ago

I recently ate at Open Rice. It has a unique selection of food options. I had the spare ribs that were good, and the person I was having dinner with had the Beef Chow Fun, which was even better than what I had. The best part about Open Rice is the dessert. Try the Bubble Waffle with the carmel and chocolate drizzle with cookie crisp and mini marshmallows with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is so tasty.

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