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It's hard to beat a classic grilled cheese, and Papi Queso has mastered the art of perfectly toasted bread and expertly melted cheese. A staple in Charlotte since 2012, Papi Queso started off as food truck making frequent appearances to Food Truck Friday. Now, you can find their storefront inside Optimist Hall. Go for the Lil' Cheesy with a side of their tomato soup for a heaping portion of delicious nostalgia.

Cuisine Type: American

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $

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Mimi Hsu

a week ago

I loved the food truck and was so excited when they announced Papi Queso would be in Optimist Hall! I love all of their grilled cheese options! If you havent tried this place, it is time!


Ragav Hari

4 weeks ago

Easily the best grilled cheese I've had at a restaurant. Got the pig mac and Buffalo chicken. The crust on the bread, meltiness, flavor and texture were all incredible. Highly recommend!


S. H.

2 weeks ago

I wont lie. I have been doubting and pushing off ordering Papi Queso for a year now. Thinking that grilled cheese and tomato soup couldnt be worth the price point it is. The soup has to be perfect. The bread has to be seared perfectly. The ingredients have to be top notch. And to expect this all within the confines of a tiny restaurant, I was preparing for disappointment when I ordered on DoorDash. First, yall have the best branding and packaging of any sandwich spot in town bar none. I open up the box and low and behold, the sandwich is cooked perfectly. The seasoning, the balance, the ingredients, it was truly spectacular. My eyes rolled over the tomato soup, glaring at what I perceived would be the lone miss. Small cup of soup for $3.50. After my first couple dunks and sips, I felt like I stole something and would have paid twice as much. Its a soup made for the sole purpose of dunking your grilled cheese. Dont get me wrong, its a fantastic soup on its own. But you can definitely tell they put in the extra effort to have it be the perfect pairing. Bravo team! You nailed it!


Goldee Payton

2 months ago

Might be the most perfect grilled cheese! I like that you can get a classic grilled cheese (Little Cheesy) or something a little more gourmet. The staff is always polite staff & most of the time the service is fast. (Although they always seem busy.) My favorite is the Bacon Jalapeno with a side of Tomato Soup for dipping.


Diego Mora

4 months ago

Customer Service: Excellent Sandwich: FANTASTIC Soup: A lot left to be desired, and desired a lot less than it gave me. I've never had tomato soup that tasted like sausage?? Maybe I could grow a taste to it, but the description on the website for the soup gave me no warning of what I'd be eating. Great food. Great customer service. I'll pass on the soup...for now.

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