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Rachel Ladenheim

4 months ago

Still my favorite Indian restaurant in Charlotte! Not only is there food delicious, but I really appreciate their customer service. I ordered food today for pick up but I had a sleeping baby in the car and didnt want to disturb him taking his car seat in and out of the car just to run in. I asked if I could pay over the phone and if someone could run the food out to me. I certainly dont intend to take advantage of this, but I really appreciate their willingness to do it given my circumstances. Thanks Passage to India for another great experience!


Sarah Hajian

a year ago

What is that vegetable?!!! Its just not look fresh at all


Katlynne Boillat

a month ago

I haven't eaten in, but I've placed pick-up orders a couple of times. The man who works the register and the phones is very polite and helpful. The food is seriously amazing. The samosa and dal soup are my favorites. So flavorful.



2 months ago

Best Indian place I've found outside of the Raleigh Durham area, but have to get main dish and side items like samosas for the full enjoyment


VisionThe Craft

2 months ago

Not even close to what I order. You surprise and cannot identify if the food delivered is matching your order. I ordered Veggie manchurian for the party. But it was in the middle of curry and manchurian. Similarly the vegetable biryani. I can give 1 out of 10. I dont know cooking but I can prepare better than what I got that day.

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