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P Funk 1963

a month ago

Nice place for a football game.... great looking stadium.....


Sarathy Partha

2 months ago

Got a chance to watch the team practice when went for an evening walk within the university.


Philip Tate

a year ago

Nice intimate venue for college football. Great sight lines and clean facilities everywhere. Go Niners!


Dee Gladney

11 months ago

I've had a chance to visit a few stadiums this season and I was really impressed with Jerry Richardson Stadium. It felt very cozy and you feel close to the field but it got really loud when needed. Concessions are super close to the stands and there were plenty of windows so the wait time was very short. Very impressive facilities for the team. Great job! Can't wait to come back.


Heath Bartley

10 months ago

Nice facility. Would have been better if it didn't rain, but the win was awesome.