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Ann Kennedy

2 weeks ago

Godfather's really deserves a 5 star rating, but I could only give it a 4 due to the wait. I placed my order online with no issues. Received my confirmation email stating that my order would be ready by 101 pm. I got there about 1250 but waited, because there were tons of people standing around near the door. At 1255 I decided to get out and that's when I realized why people were standing outside. The facility is tiny! It was so much going on and so many people waiting it was ridiculous. On top of that, I was told that I needed to wait about 15-20 minutes for my pizza. I was patient and waited and got my pizza at 135. So, I waited an additional 30 minutes. The pizza is a bit pricey, but it was so good. I ordered the large meat lovers and monkey bread and paid about $36. The pizza alone I would rate at a 5. The location is still very new so I can understand a bit. I will definitely go back and I would definitely recommend.


Robert C

a month ago

Store is slammed..and Refuse to take more orders the are back up for 2 hrs of orders !!!! When I did a review as Robche.. for Lexington location.. I recommend come to Charlotte.. Guess what I knew it would get slammed. Need to open another location with dine in.. They will make their money..


Mark Richardson

3 weeks ago

OVERRATED!! Ordered online at 12:45 and waited till 2:00. New location for Charlotte every one wants to make a big deal about! The prices are crazy! Stop with the 1/2 lb wings and just say 5 wings for 9.00. Crust was super thick so much losing weight! People hyped me up to go here ordered 3 different pizzas and wings. Dont believe the hype and save your $ on 20.00 a pizza! Youve been warned!


Gwendolyn Pinero

a week ago

Service was great. Had questions concerning menu and they explained it very well. Prices are a little high but the quality of pizza is worth it. Time of waiting for your order is decent. They communicate with you very well. Location is great. Several items to choose from. Ours of operation is great. I will return.


Carolyn Godave

3 weeks ago

I walked in and waited on a order I purchased for my mother on wednesday night. I peeked in the kitchen window,cause everyone in the lobby waiting on their food. I saw about 3 people back there eating food,playing loud rap music that you could nothing,but profanity the whole time.They were back there laughing,giggling.Even the slim guy who came out as a Manager. What a joke!!The Gm in Lexington run his store 100 percent better than this. The owner need to revamp and get a whole new crew. This is very bad buisness. It seems theres no structure,no good leadership. Mr. Manager whomever you are. You need to take your job more seriously. Theres no respect for customers. Other customers were looking in the little kitchen window as well. How do you have about 8 people back there and still behind. Get people who want to work. Customer Satisfaction Is Everything. This restaurant is going to crumble if they dont get it together. About 8 customers walked out and some wanted their money back, The women upfront were doing there job. Come on now. We were excited,but you have to be professional about your job . They back there like theyre in the club. Manager dancing with them. Just pure flabbergasted

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