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Piedmont Social House


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Southwest Charlotte

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Dan Hoon

3 weeks ago

Great idea but.. it wasn't until we ordered drinks that we realized we couldn't take them to the courtyard and the only beverages you can take aren't great. We couldn't rent a pool table on the upper floor until a party was over (downstairs). Shuffleboard isn't free and has a time limit. I should be able to give you a credit card and go wild. Probably won't return.


Harper Williams

a month ago

Update 6/11/2018- came to visit and was looking forward to seeing former server only to find out shes no longer there. Such a bummer! Food was good but service was just not like my last server. Need to figure out wheres she is working. The service was just blah this time. A few colleagues of mine invited me to check this place out for some happy hour time and I loved it!! Very nice atmosphere and we loved the hummus and nan which was half off during happy hour. Our server was phenomenal!! Her name was jaquonna and we just fell in love with her. Its not to many places you can receive a phenomenal server and phenomenal food. Our server recommended we try chicken and waffles, salmon, and pork loin which were all great! I will definitely be returning and Im surely requesting my new favorite server.


Tom Weekes

a month ago

Piedmont has great potential. The games inside are well-run, the outside space is great, the food is pretty good, they have a good drink selection, etc. The main issue with Piedmont seems to be the management, but only in the past 6 months or so. Every time we go there's miscommunication with the host and the servers, and the rest of the staff. Sometimes you'll be stuck waiting to find your server for the check, or to order in general. This is no fault of the servers, you can tell they're understaffed and are running around like crazy. Management needs to figure out how to properly staff the place. My recommendation is come here if you have time because it's definitely good, but if you're looking for a quick bite and are on a time crunch, don't come here.


Judy Spells

a month ago

Was there for a gathering after my daughter's graduation, We were seated it took about 15 minutes before they brought the first glass of water then we waited another 30 minutes before they actually came to place our order she took our order at one end of the table did not make her way down to the other end of the table where there were a group of 14 of us and I myself wondering because I wanted to make a order, when I found out that she made one big group order for whole table did not consult the rest of the group. 45min to an hour later by this time it is now 9:30pm we arrive at 8pm. Received our food which was chicken wings different flavors chicken was hard I asked them is this the way that their chicken is always she said it's extra crispy that was beyond extra crispy, I like chicken and I was not able to eat. She said let me get my manager, she came back said manager was too busy to come down to speak to us about the issue said that they were remove one order of the chicken wings and we had about six different orders of chicken wings no one could eat. Other then that problem it was a lively place to be just don"t order after 8:00pm. I feel my food should have been just as good if they just open for the start of the day.


Rianna Schoenleber

a month ago

Came here to celebrate one of my friends birthday! We waited 2 hours and they didn't seat us!!! They were super rude to us, we would ask them all the time about the table and nothing!!! So rude! Never coming back again. Edit: I came back! And yet the service is still so bad!! We arrived at 7:30 and it took 2 hours to get the food. Why did I come back? Inform know but I do know I regretted.