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hannah whittington

7 months ago

This place used to be so amazing but its rapidly gone downhill. This is a picture of lunch time: out of bagels, out of chips, almost out of staff. Every single time I come here the prices have increased while the quality has gone downhill. When they get my order right (which is rare) its usually on a burnt bagel or a bagel that has no toppings. I reached out to them (as a loyal customer since they first opened) & no one even bothered to respond. Take your business to the Good Wurst instead & get 10x better food for half the price.


Brian Leech

in the last week

If this is the best Charlotte has to offer re bagels / Jewish deli, then I'm sorely disappointed. Got a late breakfast here at 1115 or so - bagels are ok, but nothing like I've had in NJ. Bagel was not toasted, cheese and sausage ok, egg not so much. Bagels are certainly better than grocery store bagels, but leave a lot missing. Strongly recommend you purchase a poppy's dozen and then make a sandwich at home. It's worth a visit, but the cost of the breakfast sandwich and how it's put together warrant making this yourself with their bagels.


Jasiel Powell

4 months ago

I ordered from here on DoorDash! The restaurant had great communication and their bagel quality was awesome! Its hard to find great bagel places down here that dont have that texture of rubber. Poppys bagels were firm, crisp with lots of flavor. Taking the first bite brought me back to Hoboken! This will be my go to bagel store going forward!


Jim D

2 months ago

Sad to see how far this place has fallen. Rude staff and overpriced for the quality of food received. Went to breakfast with friends this morning and had one of the worst customer service experiences that I have ever had in Charlotte. The three of us placed our orders one after the other with no problem. Their food came out of the kitchen in a reasonable amount of time, but my order was delayed. Now you might think, ok it must have been a special order - no it was an egg and cheese bagel, nothing special. I went to the front to ask about the status and got told by a person from the kitchen that they were running behind, but he would not, or could not, tell me anything specific about the status of my order. So I started to ask one of the counter people to simply check if my order had been lost or delayed. (I was not the first person to do this either, I witnessed two other customers ahead of me asking about the same issue.) Well, the kitchen person overheard me asking for an update and got upset and quite aggressive in telling me that it's not their problem and I will just have to wait. He even went so far as to throw a couple insults my way. I did eventually get my order after my friends had finished their meals, unfortunately it was ok at best. I used to recommend this place to everyone, but after this experience I will not be recommending it anymore.


Yev Minovskaya

a month ago

Sadly - my last time at poppys is now as Im waiting on my food, or the lack there of. Sad displays, sad service. Over the years - this place has fallen apart. While I waited for the food, the inside of the food display counter was being cleaned WHILE the food was sitting there. Would you like a side of cleaner with that salad? No thanks. Do better guys.

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