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Susan Hayes

3 months ago

Always consistently good food. You can get a fantastic breakfast all day long. The pancakes are large, fluffy and delicious. The other side of the menu is just as tasty. Their she-crab soup is wonderful, creamy and full of crab meat. I like to pair it with a side salad with their homemade blue cheese dressing. So yummy! You can't go wrong with any choice you make. There's something for everyone.


Angel Haskins

a month ago

I ordered the chicken and waffles and so did my hubby. The waffles were good, however the chicken was the worse I have ever had in my life. It was very bland...no seasoning or flavor as if it came from straight out the water to the stove. The omelet was ok but it too had zero flavor or seasoning! After adding salt and pepper it was a little better. Mimosas were good and fairly priced! Home fries and potatoes were cooked too hard and could have been better as well. I give this place a 3 out of 5. Not really due to the food but the amazing service we received from our waitress. She was the real MVP, especially with how packed the restaurant was and here ability to still provide attentive and great service. Will not be returning.


Jennifer Briceno

6 months ago

Eddies Place is a Charlotte staple that Im regretful to admit, I just tried for the first time. All day breakfast is delicious. We had the Chicken and Waffles and Country Fried Breakfast. The chicken and waffles has a delicious pecan crusted chicken that soaks up maple syrup to create a heavenly experience. Must use the cinnamon butter with it too. The country fried chicken is everything you would hope without being overly salty like you get a greasy spoon diner. Their mimosas are perfectly poured, with just a splash a juice. The staff is great, fast, but also easy going and relaxed. Its amazing the balance their able to strike between personable and professional. Cant wait to come back for lunch and dinner.


Patrick Winch

a month ago

We walked into Eddie's at around 8am, the first thing that hit me was the music, upbeat and fun. What a great atmosphere! The service was friendly and attentive. I had their "Red Beans & Rice Bowl" special and my girlfriend had a 3 Egg omelet; both were amazing! This place is a gem.


Angelia McCauley

in the last week

I came because it was listed as a black owned restaurant. Definitely false advertising unless the help in the kitchen is what they mean The food was bland. All the Cajun pasta had was a little heat. The chicken had no taste. However the shrimp was good. My waiter was not engaging or very welcoming. I almost felt uncomfortable I can tell that not many blacks frequent the establishment except as help. Very disappointed especially for $30.88

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