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Leesah M. Connor

2 weeks ago

I really want to give this place 5 stars; however the food quality is hit or miss and I absolutely love authentic African food. The Moi Moi (grounded and seasoned to perfection black-eyed peas) is my absolute favorite thing to get here. When it comes to the chicken- it has never seemed like fresh chicken as it is always fried extremely hard and then sauced, it seems like day old chicken. The jollof rice is good; however I wish that they would make a milder version so those who cant tolerate spice that well can enjoy or at least try it out too. Everything looks delicious from the photo but the chicken was a miss. The moi moi didnt disappoint. Update in response: Ive actually frequented several African restaurants and this restaurant several times and depending on time of day of arrival the food consistency differs. I wouldnt have left a review stating my thoughts if I had only visited once or twice. African food is one of my absolute favorites as it intertwines closely with Gullah cuisine. Im not saying based on this review that Ill never visit again, its just the quality has not been consistent on the times that Ive been. Again the Moi Moi, has never disappointed me.


Cole Allison

a year ago

Walked in for a pick up order. Staff was very rude and unfriendly. And not just with myself, but to the other customer as well.


Olajumoke Adegboyega

7 months ago

Clean and beautiful place, delicious African meal.. if you looking for a good African food in Charlotte thats the place to go.


Jonna Belin

2 months ago

Food was so good I got the egusi soup with beef I just wish it came with a bigger portion maybe just one more peace of meat I recommend this place for the taste of there food but if your really hungry you might wanna go somewhere else


cadella m

6 months ago

The food is always good and the service is ALWAYS exceptional.. Hands down the best taste in Charlotte

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