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Pat Covington

3 weeks ago

I have to drive a few miles to this location but it's such a nice store, I don't mind. They have an excellent bakery and deli. There's a hot food bar, Asian-inspired on one side, other food on the opposite side, as well as a salad bar, rotisserie chicken and freshly-baked pizza. They also sell a variety of meal kits that come with ingredients to make a meal for four. On Thursday afternoons, they sell slices of cooked prime rib. They have themed special events from time to time, such as barbecue with sides or chicken tacos (reservations required.) There's a bar where you can sip wine and listen to live music. The store has a fine variety of groceries. The produce is excellent. Some say HT's prices are high, but they have great sales and you can save a lot if you have an "e-VIC" card. They have a clearance rack where items are often priced at more than 50% off. The store is clean and I've never encountered a rude employee. Now, what I don't like about this location is that he store and parking lot are always crowded. You have to be very careful as lanes and parking spaces are narrow. It's a little dicey entering and exiting the shopping center. All in all, it's a terrific store.


Brandy Belton

a year ago

Had to pick up one of my children that I babysit from his art class here. Huge plaza with lots of shopping and restaurants to entertain anyone of any age. Seems to be a lot of other things you can do here as well. Decorated up for the holidays. I'll have to come back one day and take a walk through and explore.


Kesh D. (Chocolate Pocahontas)

5 years ago

Namastay Kitchen, this place is a must try! Definitely a nice environment to gather with friends for brunch. The variety of the menu cater to most everybody and their dietary needs..and let's not forget the customer service is excellent!!


Taylor Belcher

2 months ago

Loved it but the manager at marshalls is is something special I watched him follow people around I guess assuming that they're stealing and also I was one that you followed around as well when I was planning to spend money there but I don't like being treated like that so I definitely didn't spend no money there it ain't right to profile somebody and he definitely does it and it's not the first time I've seen him do that to people disrespectful


Philip Mosely

2 months ago

I love to shop here! Tink goes here also, to Petsmart! Tink gives it 4 paws! Bring your pet!

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