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Emily Currie

2 weeks ago

Lots of great shops but the parking lot is insane. I seen so many bump ups because people aren't paying attention. Also the parking spots are super narrow. If you're trying to get a child out of the car seat good luck! Even if the cars beside you are within their spot it's still very difficult.


Cheryl Alexander

a month ago

Needed to pick up a few things at Harris Teeter. I love that store. CS is awesome. Parking lot is always full at this entire shopping center that I call Cotswold. Pet Smart is fun shopping too.


Joshua Bernard

4 months ago

The only place more densely populated than Cotswold at 6:00PM on a Friday, is the water aisle at a Food Lion when the weatherman calls for 0.5" of snow. Seriously parking in the parking lot and getting out of the parking lot is almost enough to make you not come here. I guess that's because there is so much here in such little space. Very good area with lots of shopping options, from groceries, to beauty supplies, to pet needs and more.... Just try to get there before traffic hits.


Taun P.

a month ago

This was my first visit & it looked like a great mall. Unfortunately, a blackout afftected the stores & restaurants causing them all to close. So I was not able to eat or shop . I don't want to penalize the mall for that.


John P. McAlick

a month ago

Very nice area. My wife and I will come here and she will do grocery shopping while I talk my dog for a walk through PetSmart.