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Brandy Belton

10 months ago

Had to pick up one of my children that I babysit from his art class here. Huge plaza with lots of shopping and restaurants to entertain anyone of any age. Seems to be a lot of other things you can do here as well. Decorated up for the holidays. I'll have to come back one day and take a walk through and explore.


Kris Roth

6 months ago

There are SO many options here! The last time I visited was close to Christmas. I had a few more things to buy, which I did at World Market. We were still planning food for the holiday and I needed groceries, so after I left WM, I hit up Harris Teeter. Sadly they were out of the vegan egg replacement we usually get there, but I was able to get the produce and other things I needed. I also went to the Marshall's there. I wanted to buy my daughter some nice pots for her plants, and I thought they might have some. To be honest, I prefer to support local, but the local nursery I called several times not only didn't answer, but they didn't have their hours posted, so I didn't think they were open. I found some really great pots there and got in line, which was ridiculous. The thing about Marshall's is they know how busy they're going to be, so they're prepared. They had at least 14 cashiers open, and while the line was extremely long, it went very fast. I really can't wait to go back here now that the holidays are over!


Kesh D. (Chocolate Pocahontas)

4 years ago

Namastay Kitchen, this place is a must try! Definitely a nice environment to gather with friends for brunch. The variety of the menu cater to most everybody and their dietary needs..and let's not forget the customer service is excellent!!


Carol Frohman

8 months ago

I went to Vision Works to pick up the glasses I had ordered about 10 days before. Parking was easy. I DID have to wear a mask while I was inside. I was waited on quickly. He found my glasses right away.. He made sure the lenses were clean, and checked the glasses when I put them on. Vision Works has a good selection of glasses for children, men and women. I'm very pleased with my glasses and Vision Works.


Daniel Jackson

3 months ago

Good shops and restaurants but awful property management from whoever owns it. Public spaces are generally dirty and unmaintained. Lots of trash etc.

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