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Leesah M. Connor

7 months ago

I really want to give this place 5 stars; however the food quality is hit or miss and I absolutely love authentic African food. The Moi Moi (grounded and seasoned to perfection black-eyed peas) is my absolute favorite thing to get here. When it comes to the chicken- it has never seemed like fresh chicken as it is always fried extremely hard and then sauced, it seems like day old chicken. The jollof rice is good; however I wish that they would make a milder version so those who cant tolerate spice that well can enjoy or at least try it out too. Everything looks delicious from the photo but the chicken was a miss. The moi moi didnt disappoint. Update in response: Ive actually frequented several African restaurants and this restaurant several times and depending on time of day of arrival the food consistency differs. I wouldnt have left a review stating my thoughts if I had only visited once or twice. African food is one of my absolute favorites as it intertwines closely with Gullah cuisine. Im not saying based on this review that Ill never visit again, its just the quality has not been consistent on the times that Ive been. Again the Moi Moi, has never disappointed me.


Filyncia Greer

a year ago

The cassava leaf was extremely salty, to salty to eat. The lady taking my order was very kind & helpful. The moi-moi, plantains, and eugusi was delightfully tasty. The portions are very small with little meat. I most likely wouldn't return. IT'S A "NO" for me!


Brown Unnie 14

3 months ago

BewareI called the restaurant to ask about price for something I wanted to order and the guy who answered the phone was very rude. He was nasty and arrogant. I will not order or go there again. He said prices increased and hung up the phone on me. The business will not prosper with a worker like that person. There are many other restaurants serving this type of cuisine. Best to go somewhere else !! Reply to your response ****** I just want you to know that your employee was rude to me first. I was not argumentative, I only asked if that was an increase. He said it was and that if I didnt like it I could go to the store, buy it and make my own. Before you call me vile you need to make sure that you know the full story because of course the employee is going to give you his version because he doesnt want you to come down on him for his unprofessional behavior. I have visited your establishment before and I stopped coming because that same person was rude when I visited and ordered at the restaurant. Please know the facts before you dismiss my review. Thank you


devin collins

2 months ago

Based on the service and the quality of food that I received today I will not support this business. I gave 1 star to be generous. Looking at the reviews I can tell that the owner is not willing to take any accountability for The horrible customer service his staff provides and the overpricing of the portion of food. As a chef and business owner myself this place is overrated.


Thomasann Walls

4 years ago

The food was amazing if you don't like spicy beware, I got the egusi soup with chicken and beef with pounded yam. They gave me some nut thingy they sweet kinda than very spicy. Plantains are amazing.

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