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Lorraine Mitchell

12 months ago

I was under the impression that they served pork belly sandwiches. Tunafish was very dry, bread was hard


Reed spilmann

2 months ago

This is a great sandwich shop. I loved the aesthetic of the restaurant. The best part of this is the chips. Up here you dont see many places having Zapps chips but this places does. The food and the service were all wonderful.


Princez GeekChic

2 weeks ago

I used to eat here before becoming a Vegan. There sandwiches are great and the people are amazingly friendly and helpful. Also I loved their strawberry milkshakes. There were soooo good! The area is also ok if you take public transportation since it's right by the station or live close by and don't want to pay for parking. I really miss it. Maybe they'll get some vegan option soon!!


Ayden Shea

11 months ago

One of the best spots in the area. The bill was decent for the quality.


Hylton Rottcher

3 weeks ago

The guys behind the counter were unfriendly and unhelpful. Didnt feel like they wanted to deal with customers that day. Ordered the turkey club, what arrived was turkey and cheese. Then the guy behind the counter asked me what I wanted on it?? I said everything thats mentioned on the menu. I then had to list all the items already mentioned on the menu such as bacon, mayo etcetera. Im still confused as to what happened there. Avoid the wheat roll option, it is very dry.

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