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Lea Freer

a month ago

Delicious - I have been gone from Concord for 7 years. Decided to eat at my favorite BBQ place and it was just as good as it was the last time I ate there!! Enjoyed every bit of my small platter!! The hush puppies were hot, crispy on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside. My pork was succulent and even better with the sweet sauce. The turnip greens had a funny taste, but I think that was just me...my tastebuds are changing. Sweet tea, so good and the pellet ice- the best. 5 stars.


Xane Ranari

4 months ago

As a southerner who moved to the Midwest and came back down for a visit, this place hit all the right spots. Amazing food that came out in no time, wonderful and friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, and just all around embodiment of southern comfort. Thank you for an amazing experience!



2 weeks ago

1.5 hour wait for food, and that's not an exaggeration. Everyone in the restaurant was angry and didn't have food. The waitress told us she warned management to stop prioritizing delivery orders over everyone else. If you can't handle this many people, then don't open the entire restaurant. We've come for years and will now never be back.



a week ago

This place at first sight I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Steak sandwich was amazing. I'm addicted to their sweet and buy it by the gallon now


Randy Hutchens

a month ago

My wife ate at this restaurant today and she did like the barbecue chicken and she did like the baked beans did not like the macaroni and cheese, tasted old. She thought the hush puppies tasted like old grease. She did not like the plates and silverware in the restaurant. I loved the barbecue chicken be sure to order the 1/2 chicken, not the 1/4, the beans were great, lots of molasses. Hush puppies were OK cole slaw was pretty good to.

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