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Mike Jones

in the last week

Worst experience I can remember. I ordered online and the email they sent said to be prompt picking up my order at 6:30 to maintain food safety. I ordered at 6:14 and arrived at 6:33. Three different people asked me about my order but never came back. While waiting 2 of the waitresses argued about another that was in the restroom and how she always disappeared. I heard this from the other end of the counter. I am sure a lot of people heard it as well. At 6:50 I was asked again and she found my order. That was 20 minutes after it was supposed to be ready I thought about the food safety mentioned in my email. I did let the lady know how long I had waited and her comment was "we are understaffed". I understand that but was disappointed that is all I got back. I did learn that with an online order you SHOULD NOT LEAVE A TIP. When I got home and ready to eat I did receive a helping of COLD food and did not get the fries. I felt like they should have at least seemed like they cared and maybe offered something for my time and cold food. I do understand help is hard to find and hate that for all businesses. I will go back but most likely will NOT use that online order again and for sure at R&R. And NEVER tip early. A tip is for exceptional service not what I received.


Chronicles Watkins

a month ago

Very nice laid back off the road place. I wanted brisket but that wasn't available.. I just went with something simple for first time. My food was actually great. Definitely couldn't eat it all.. Saved for lunch next day.. Everything was fresh.. The staff was very polite. Definitely will go back.


barbara brown

3 months ago

The food is wonderful. I love the ribs. People are real polite. You can watch the train go around the track. Recommended



in the last week

Absolute WORST communication with catering staff (Tori). I am hosting an event on September 11th for around 100 people. I originally called R&R and left a message for Tori to call me back. A couple of days passed before she called back and left a message. I missed her call but I returned it early the next day. I practically begged her to call me back....NO RETURN CALL and tomorrow will be the third day since I returned her call. I have left detailed messages letting her know exactly what I needed....very simple....Pulled Pork, White Slaw, and Baked Beans. I am providing everything else!! I even told her that I would pick it up on Saturday since they are closed on Sunday. Absolutely NO professionalism!


Mark Flynn

6 months ago

Great BBQ that's worth the drive. Been following then from location to location. This one seems to be permanent. Very good. Lean and well flavored

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