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Leeann S

3 weeks ago

Probably one of the best meals I've had in a while. Mary Catherine is a delightful server, super helpful and friendly. I ordered the chopped chicken with Mac & cheese and fries. It was simply delicious, not to mention the amazing biscuit/roll that is melt in your mouth. Seriously, Ray Nathan's has set a new bar of deliciousness. Both my friends were equally impressed. I will 100% be back, totally worth the drive.


Stephen Selby

3 weeks ago

Great bbq, a half dozen sauces, fair prices and fat friendly service. What more could you want? The biggest surprise was their brisket, both regular and Stephen's spicy brisket. Well worth a trip. Just be ready for lines in weekends, don't worry though, the most I have ever waited was about 20 minutes. Oh, yeah I almost forgot - bottomless pop and sweet tea too!


Jessica Reeves

3 months ago

The food was really good. My only complaint is the potato salad. The potatoes were still kinda hard. I only got potatoes and dressing. I guess I'm used to having onions, celery, and/or eggs in my potato salad. My glazed ribs, banana pudding, and sweet tea were great. My husband did not eat his potato salad either.


jason lowery

a month ago

The BBQ , sides and service were good. Getting all 3 of those these days is rare. The only thing as a suggestion all customers should be given the option to traditionally order at the table. Most people prefer to sit down and read the menu to order and enjoy themselves. If there are customers that are in a rush they should use the register or curbside so other customers can enjoy the dinning experience.


Jessica Budnick

5 months ago

The glazed ribs are life changing. Ive never had basically candied, crystallized sauce on ribs like that. I have had the dry rub ribs too but the GLAZED!! Those babies are something else entirely. My husband and I had dinner tonight and I got a half rack of glazed ribs for the first time and made him try them too. We ended up going home with an entire rack of glazed ribs to enjoy tomorrow. Well done.

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