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Red Ginger Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi


11AM-2:30PM, 4:30PM-10PM
11AM-2:30PM, 4:30PM-11PM



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Nate Powe

2 months ago

My girlfriend and I loved our experience at Red Ginger. We took the light rail to get there which was just a short walk away. The food is an excellent value. We ate our fill and had leftovers for later. The drinks were fantastic as well. I'd come by just for the Red Ginger cocktail. I saw some other reviews mention poor service, but that was not my experience. The staff was courteous and attentive over the course of our meal and made sure we had a good time


Alyssa Nolfo

a month ago

Awful. Warning, full detail, long review. I genuinely don't think I've ever had this bad of service before. To start, we got there at 6:30pm ordered a drink at the bar while waiting for a spot at the hibachi table. When we were seated, the waitress left without asking us for drinks. She did not return for 20 minutes before asking if we'd like anything. It was an additional 30 minutes to actually recieve the drinks. The beer we ordered arrived warm like it had been sitting out and never picked up. At this point we've been here for an hour and a half, an hour of it being at the hibachi table. It was another 15 minutes before we got the soup and salad, which was also messed up. She gave the wrong sauces for the salads. Next the chef comes up and "confirms" the food order which is all wrong. He showed us how the waitress had wrote it down for him, which was mostly wrong and out of order for where we were sitting. The food itself was good, The chef was funny and enjoyable. We were never asked for any drinks by the waitress unless we went out of our way to ask for a water refill. The waitress also completely forgot an order of white rice for one person, and never brought a cheesecake an additional customer was waiting on. Now the food is finished and we go to pay. We waited for 30+ minutes to get our bills and when it came all of ours at the entire table were incorrect with our orders. There was 3 of us in our group and 8 of us at the table total. Our group specifically asked for our food to be separated from each other's before we even placed our order. The bill came out all together, with the wrong drinks from our neighboring customers at the table. Our over all experience was over 3 hours. We did not leave until 9:45. When we tried to tell the manager our concerns and complaints, she shushed us and walked away. The manager never came back and never apologized.


Carina McCrary

a month ago

Called the restaurant to see if they make reservations. Vivian (host/manager) said no and then I preceded to ask how long the wait time is she said hour in a half. She hung up after that. Called back asked again and she had a attitude and said I told u hr in a half. I responded and said chill with your attitude and she said fuck u and hung up called back to speak to manager and she was the Manager. We got in a dispute. I drove up there to speak to someone above her and he didnt know what to do and justified her behavior by saying we are short staffed. she also denied it. I wont eat there due to the unprofessionalism and the owner didnt care.


Renee M.

5 months ago

Vivienne was absolutely fantastic! She was working as host, helping bartender and also was our server! We love her! The food was amazing and even though it was super busy we didnt feel rushed at all! Great experience! Delicious sushi! Will be back! A+ service!


John Nacinovich

6 months ago

We had a delicious meal here. This is one of the restaurants we always hit when we are in Charlotte. The Hibachi chefs are very entertaining and cook delicious food. The cocktails are also delicious and reasonably priced. The servers are great and make sure you have what you need. You can also get a table that is not around the grill of that's your preference. I also recommend the sushi as it was delicious. Highly recommended.

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