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Jeremy DeCarlos

a week ago

Sabor is a fantastic Mexican Street Food joint with plenty of great options on the menu. I HIGHLY recommend the Hawthorne location! The NoDa location has a low sanitation rating of 93%, and has MASSIVE ISSUES with their online ordering system: Online orders are ALWAYS WRONG, NEVER PROMPT, and there is no dedicated To-Go Lane so Take Out orders sit on the counter until the register is completely clear before they hand over your order. Ive waited an extra twenty minutes for them to hand me my order. The NoDa staff is not knowledgeable in food handling: Entrees served in To-Go boxes are frequently handled vertically as opposed to horizontally, making food items spill out of the container and into the bag. Very little consistency all the way around. Often a wholly frustrating experience patronizing this branch. Its the branch where you say, Not THAT one; Well go to the good one across town.


Liz Nordquist

3 weeks ago

Good service. Nice staff. Wide range of food! Food is made fresh. The guacamole the is very good, I could eat it all day!


Tammy Qasem

2 months ago

I wish I could give them 3.5+ because it IS a casual, cool, tasty little Latin-flavored lunch/dinner spot in a great location, if you like hipsters and everyday people gettin their grub on. Its not cheap, which is fine with me, for the most part. We got 2 meals, a soda and a mojito, plus tip, for 30 bucks and change. So, you order, pay, sit, pick up food when called munch out, toss your trash and get a refill on the way out. They are a friendly place and offer a protein option for the meatless. ands half thumbs up.


Isabel Duncan

2 months ago

A group of about 8 or so of us wanted to get tacos to go from here for their $1 taco Tuesday special. We ordered about 38 tacos between the 8 of us and a few other things on the phone, and the man said okay your total will be $54.63 your order will be ready in about 15 minutes. When we get there the man informs us that the max you can order for the $1 taco deal is 20 tacos and that we would have to pay the rest full price. So we now are told we would have to pay a different total then were told on the phone. I understand that thats the policy, but if an uninformed employee tells a customer a total and doesnt inform us that the max is 20 tacos, then the manager still needs to stick to that, and then take it up with the employee. Safe to say I will never order from here again.


julia henderson

a month ago

Filling not fancy, Sabor will take care of your need for simple but tasty food while also keeping it easy on the wallet. Plenty of vegetarian choices, good beers and basic cocktails, a salsa bar and nachos that don't leave you wanting - it's the perfect place for a casual, enjoyable meal!


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