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Roger Vee

2 months ago

I feel like there must have been a change of management or something recently. In the last month Ive received such great service and the $1 tacos on Tuesdays have been super filling! They really stuff them now and its such a great value. Highly recommend this location.


Nicole Wellinsky

7 months ago

Sabor NoDa is one of my go-to restaurants in Charlotte. Its the perfect place to grab a nice bite to eat and a drink. Service is always quick. I love going in the warmer months and sitting outside on the street of NoDa. Prices are good for what you get. My favorite is the Tacos and Nachos. Finding parking can be difficult at times, but it is worth it to get some food and enjoy a stroll in NoDa.


Alexis Barnett

2 months ago

Im not even one to post reviews because I run a business and get reviews many times that just arent accurate so I get how it feels, but my experience tonight was frustrating. The food is fine. This is about customer experience. Upon arrival we were told dine in was full. I tried to ask if there was an anticipated wait for another dine in opportunity and the cashier/order taker replied with a sarcastic/annoyed response. In many instances, there is a wait with an estimated time which is the only reason I asked. But I didnt expect a response that was essentially Im telling you dining in is closed and i have no idea when itll be available But that was fine really no problem. Our group decided to order to go. We had a group of 6 and 3 of us had our food and were chatting while waiting for the rest of our group to get their food. A man came up and abrasively told us we need to get out. He gestured with his hands for us to get out if we already had our food. Understandable in the sense that everyone is trying their best to maintain social distancing and adhere to safety with covid-19, but he EASILY could have said hey Im so sorry, if you all dont mind stepping outside since you have your food that would be much appreciated its very simple to show kindness and understanding despite the stress and turmoil that we all are experiencing during this time. The tone could have been VERY different. There was no sign on the door that said to get out as soon as you have your food, we didnt know we were doing anything wrong by waiting for our friends to get there food. A few employees had their masks under their chin or not covering their noses. So if you are wanting to adhere to safety precautions thats part of the protocol. Customer experience is above anything else it doesnt matter the business, and this was unpleasant.


Quinn Schneider

a month ago

Usually this place is really good! Just did an online order, and when I got my food. There was fish (which I didn't order) and no dressing or curtido (which I did order). When we brought the food back with the receipt to show them they got the meal wrong. They said it was what we ordered, when clearly the receipt showed otherwise. Very disappointing


Rav Mansfield

4 months ago

When they get your order right, this restaurant has good food. Unfortunately, that happens about one out of every eight trips. The last two times we ordered - the 1st time - the food took over an hour despite being almost no crowds. And today - they lost our order and instead of offering to help. They said 'Just wait - maybe it will come through later'. If you want Sabor, go to the Hawthorne location and avoid the NoDa one. You will be happy you did - that location has its act together. The NoDa location is the worst.