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Janet Webster

3 weeks ago

Love it! Everything off the menu I tasted was delicious. The drink menu was a delight for the type of restaurant - great selections to choose from. It's worth the wait, but they also provide an app, so you can order in advance! The management and crew really care about the service that they provide. I'm really glad to have them here in Charlotte finally!


Mr Smith

2 weeks ago

The best hamburger in Charlotte. It's a bit pricey but worth it. Now that the lines around the block are gone, it doesn't take long to order and there's always seating. A pager is provided to notify you that your food is ready so you don't have to stand around at the counter.


Aj Jones

2 months ago

It seems that with a call time of 9pm I was able to avoid the line. Walking past the scores of empty trays gave me hope that I would want to inhale my burger and fries . Good and fast service when the line isn't out the door. I got a plain burger and fries. It was enjoyable though pricey. I'd recommend it and next time I will try a Shake!


Eufemia V

3 weeks ago

Full disclosure I'm vegetarian so my options are limited here. I ordered their portabello mushroom burger which was divine! It contains one large cap filled with cheese, then fried, topped with tomato and lettuce. I went twice in one week. Location is perfect and parking is abundant. The service was friendly enough. Most fast casual places now charge separately for fries, Shake Shack is no different. Their fries are crinkle cut, fried, and salted to perfection. All in all great experience and worth the price.


Mike Milazzo

in the last week

Way over priced . The hamburger was good but very small. The smallest hamburger I've ever eaten. Someone said they were sliders and they're right. The chicken sandwich was tiny also. Crinkle Fries were good. None of the employees smiled. The lady cashier was kind of rude and not helpful. Appeared we were bothering them. I would not go back. I felt taken advantage of for some reason