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Cass Is Real

11 months ago

We have wanted to try this location for awhile and since we were in the area, we stopped by. The bathroom stalls were out of seat covers and my stall was out of tissue. Luckily, my daughter was able to pass some from her stall. The food is small portions for the price. Overall value was poor. The burger was pink and I didn't know I had to ask for well-done. The chicken sandwich was good. The fries were okay. We can now check it off the list as a one and done.


April M

a month ago

Great greasy, salty smash burgers! Tried the Hot Ones sauce on the side, it has a strong but slow building heat. And it's tasty! Had to dock a star for service because they got my partner's order wrong and we had to wait for an entire fresh burger to be made. Side note for Shake Shack- consider not wrapping lettuce around the burger if someone asks for lettuce buns. They will be inedibly soggy by the time someone sits down to eat it lol. Just put the lettuce in a little fry bag.


Lambros Balatsias

8 months ago

Great burgers and sandwiches. I really like their hot dogs too. Will have to try their shakes - they look amazing!


Joven Aquino

12 months ago

The burgers here are great! Juicy and lots of flavor. I recommend getting the OG shake shack burger. Easy and simple but with great flavor. The fries are decent but not the best I've had. Pair it with a side of ShackSauce and they become pretty good pair!


Judy Y

6 months ago

Delicious burger. Love the fries too. Haven't had a root beer float in years and had one here.

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