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Known for being a family-friendly establishment, Cantina 1511’s motto is “Bring more to the table than good food” and it delivers. Diners can expect quality service and delicious Mexican food.

Cuisine Type: Mexican

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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H Smith

a month ago

The BEST salsa, chips and quac in town. They make table side quac and you get decide how spicy you want it. I get the same order everytime. The enchiladas de Pollo has the perfect balance of chicken, spinach and cheese. And the pie....what dreams are made of. Our bartender/server Rachel was hands down the most friendly helpful and fun person.


Soraya M

4 weeks ago

The service was great, our waitress was efficient and friendly. The food was fine. This is a chain I was unfamiliar with coming from the DC area. The carne asada tacos derived all their flavor from the salsa and the meat had very little flavor itself. The chimichunga was good, but not exceptional. Over all a fair Mexican restaurant.


Barbara Venceslau

in the last week

If I could not give any stars to Cantina 1511 at Torrington Circle, I would. To start, it took the waiter over 25 minutes to come and take our order. What was even more frustrating is they had at least five other waiters and attendants roaming around and chatting amongst themselves. By the time the waiter finally came to take our order, I told him I was thinking about leaving, but was willing to give it another try. After he took our order, the manager came and apologized and said he would take care of us. I told him I did not want anything free, only better service. 30 minutes later, our food still hadnt been deliverednot even the chips and salsa!! And our waiter was standing around talking with his work colleagues. When he finally came over to our table he said one order was ready, he was just waiting on a my husbands order to be done. Really?? There are only 8 customers in the restaurant, and our food order is taking over 30 minutes?? At this point I told the waiter I was not going to wait any longer. We had spent over one hour inside the restaurant, and they were not even able to get us chips and salsa. Unbelievable!! This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received. There were approximately 6-7 waiters/attendants standing around and chatting doing absolutely nothing and yet it took them almost half hour to take our order and then another half hour to tell us our food was not ready yet. Terrible experience. Management needs to step it up 1000%. This type of service is unacceptable for a restaurant business.


Kerry Parent

a month ago

Top notch service from Roger and Hector as always. Year after year through multiple locations, these gentlemen have been providing exceptional service. Only reason I come back! Food is consistently decent, yet lately portions are lacking, probably due to lack of pricing increase. I myself would rather pay more, to get more. Extra cabbage doesn't make my taco fuller. All in all a decent experience once again... yet the food needs to step back up to how it was 10 year's ago.


Mimi Hsu

2 weeks ago

Great atmosphere. Large space to accommodate everyone. The queso and guacamole apps are delicious to go along with the chips.