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Known for being a family-friendly establishment, Cantina 1511’s motto is “Bring more to the table than good food” and it delivers. Diners can expect quality service and delicious Mexican food.

Cuisine Type: Mexican

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Jacob Lawler

11 months ago

For the price and location this is good value. The kitchen is very fast and consistent, very high quality food coming out. The tacos have a lettuce wrap option which I dont see offered at other Mexican restaurants around town. Nicely appointed inside and good music. Only downside is you can tell they are understaffed but that is par for the course these days.


James Garcia

8 months ago

Absolute Mini-Vacation! The food and service is Excellent! The " Al Pastor Salmon and the Shrimp Skewers were Incredible! Rachel, our server, was so helpful and knowledgeable concerning the choices. The atmosphere takes you away.


Linh Nguyen-Truong

2 months ago

Im being very generous with the 3 stars. Pros: 1) The friendly hostess that seated us right away and was accommodating. 2) The gentleman wearing blue gloves that served our food and made us feel welcome. 3) The margarita tasted good with the chip and salsa. Cons: Service couldve been better. Our waitress was Isabella and she seemed uninterested. Her demeanor was borderline rude and we felt rushed. When I asked her a question about some fries for my toddler, she answered it really quick and moved on to take the orders from the other people sitting at the table. She didnt even allow me to finish my questions and complete my order. Lol! I had to ask the person beside me to place my side order for me. I wasnt able to get my margarita the same time as the other people I was with because apparently if you order the special (2 tacos + 1 margarita) you have to place the order all at once and cannot order the drink first. That was an inconvenience for me to convenience them. Its not that difficult to place one margarita order first, and 2 tacos later. We had a cup of contaminated water and asked for a replacement which she never brought out and only came back to refill our waters once. We had to flag her down when we wanted to order additional food/drinks. To end our experience with her, she brought us a to go box that did NOT fit our taco. Um, ok. Are we the first people to not finish our food?? The food was not that great and presentation was lacking. Maybe if it looked better, it mightve tasted better? The guacamole was brought out by our waitress, Isabella, and she took two forks and mashed it around a little bit leaving big chunks of avocados and too much lime was used. First time Ive seen 2 forks used to do this at a restaurant. The tacos were a hit and miss. Some were good, and others tasted stale. Looks like they just threw it on the plate with little effort and it was messy. The fries tasted great and was the freshest tasting thing we had besides the chips. Probably wont be returning and wouldnt recommend this place if asked by peers. See pictures for reference.


Marcy Green

10 months ago

Great food and service! I believe my server's name was Paul. He gave great customer service! The tacos and side salad were delicious and I loved the atmosphere.


Jordan Seals

a year ago

It was ok. Food is good for the price, but its nothing to write home about. The Korean BBQ taco was great and so was the salsa. Margaritas tasted pre-made and very sugary. Friendly and quick service. Good spot for a quick bite.

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