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Cameron Haymore

a week ago

Very good noodle place. The best in town. Prices are very reasonable for the portion size you get. Gyoza is great. The broth is flavorful. The butter mushrooms are addicting. A really good place overall.


Sydney Hillman

in the last week

Fantastic food, always. All of the workers wear masks and my temp is usually taken before/immediately after being seated. Always clean. Great service! We ordered Gyoza - absolutely delicious. I always get the Shoyu pork/chicken and ask to make it spicy. My BF gets the fried chicken ginger rice bowl (cant remember the name). Consistent every time weve been.


David Duke

3 weeks ago

The worst experience...two days in a row. They have twenty tables but choose to seat only 4. The bar is 60 feet long but only allow 1 person to be seated. No employee had a mask on but I do not blame them. Uber and Door Dash were standing waiting on their orders...11-12 of them...pretty dang sad...they closed an hour early yesterday...Stay away from this particular location....issues must be internal.


Jay Cee

in the last week

The service in here is terrible. I would have posted a picture of my food...but guess what..I NEVER GOT IT. I had to let them know I never received my order.. instead of the waitress simply apologizing she comes back and tells me it's still cooking and I just have to wait. Mind you I literally watched her hand the cook my ticket AFTER I reminded her that I still don't have my food, as well as give orders to 2 different tables that were seated long after I was. I definitely will NOT be back here again. Poor service, rude staff.


Natalie N

in the last week

I understand covid 19 changed alot of things but quality service shouldnt be one of them. My husband went in to order lunch and the Customer service is was very poor. He didnt feel welcome at all. $14.50 for bowl of noodles??? Food was mediocre to be so expensive.