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nathaniel sewell

in the last week

Food isn't bad and the prices are about average. I can't say anything bad. Very clean and well organized eatery. I didn't get a very friendly vibe. I would try again.


Ann Kennedy

a month ago

I ordered the 3 peice chicken with cabbage and fried okra. The fried okra was delicious! Chicken was very flavorful, and the cabbage was tasty. For dessert tried the peach cobbler, but that wasn't so good. The crust was very chewy and it just wasn't right. Food was reasonable priced and the wait wasn't to long. I will go back. Definitely some good food.


gary adcock

a week ago

Ribs good...actually average....portions large! mac and yams both had "kick" not sure why you make these dishes hot? may or may not give them another chance...they do seem busy


C Powell

5 months ago

This place was a nice surprise. I used to live in the university area and wish this place was here when I was. The location is tucked away between the Bank of America and the Bojangles. The food was great. I honestly was a little worried as the food was seating covered in the counter similar to a buffet style. Yet, it was actually good. I was able to get the meatloaf with collards and green beans. All the sides are prepared without meat so you could have a totally vegetarian meal if you wanted. My wife got the BBQ chicken with green beans and mac&cheese. The BBQ chicken was fine. Yet, the sides were way better. Definitely, recommend it.


Crystal Childress

3 months ago

The fried chicken breast was quite good. On the small side-but Im guessing thats partly why is was good. Thinking free range maybe. The okra was simply the best Ive had since my mom passed. Thank you. Im an over the road trucker and sadly its hard to find good food anywhere. Ok-ordered here again a few days after my original post-really disappointing this time. Fluke? I dont know.

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