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Izm Shantae

7 months ago

I got the number one New Jersey Hoagie omgoooosh I loved it and they were so kind to let me use the latrine without having made a purchase. So I made a purchase and hung out for a while to eat it all up! Delicious and they all are kind fellows. I appreciate your hospitality and your wonderful food! And they gave me ice!! Thank you so much!


ashlyn s

a month ago

Super yummy but i recommend getting extra meat with the steak hoagies the regular one has very little meat. Im a petite female so i dont need a whole lot but the first time i came it was way more bread than meat. Happy with my purchase this time around w extra meat tho. Everythings fresh and flavors are great.


Sew J

a month ago

Fantastic family-owned restaurant with high quality Subs at great prices. An absolute treasure of Charlotte, fir quite some time. I'm happy to see them become more modern with their new cool website. They're not open on Saturdays but open on Sundays and I think that may be some personal faith reasons. Nothing wrong with that, yet, there's only one person cooking on Sundays. As a result, the wait for food is out of reasonable bounds. Being, this is not the case during full staff days. Respectfully, it's my opinion this strategy is dated and gives the wrong impression of the efficiency of this restaurant. It would be more courteous to customers, to simply open only on Full Staff days.


Andy Wilfong

a week ago

This place is a hidden gem. It's a no frills sandwich shop. The family that owns it is a 10/10. The bread and seasoning on the sandwiches are especially delicious, which makes this unique. The price is always right, and you will be hard pressed to find a better sub for your money than here. Enjoy!


Glenn Fallucca

3 months ago

This place was great! The sandwich I had was really tasty. It was fun to see all the sandwiches I grew up with in New Jersey! The owner and staff were fun to talk with as well. Make an effort to stop by and get some lunch!

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