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Purpose of Grace

2 weeks ago

Let me give you my edited version that isn't as harsh but honest - worth posting on Google! : "My second visit in. The workers were kind which is why I even gave 2 stars. The atmosphere is strange here. They have dark occult art on the wall, which doesn't complement the aesthetic unless they are communicating their love for the occult (I did not appreciate the workers' conversations making fun of their moms' love for Jesus). One piece of "art" that was particularly uncomfortable to look at was the one on the center of the wall. It had the word MISANTHROPE, which means to hate mankind, and also the words 'city of fools.' The chai tea I ordered was not flavorful but watery; it tasted like warm cinnamon water. Also tried a lemonade matcha, but that tasted like a lemon Le Croix. I cannot recommend this place at all.


Elizabeth Hyatt

8 months ago

It's the best coffee I've had in Charlotte. The service here is the type that makes you say "wow, they were so nice" right after they take your order. And the ambience is nice and cozy. It's a smaller place with a little bit of outdoor seating so I wouldn't plan to get a seat on the weekend, but to just take it to-go! Lastly... if you see an apple turnover in the case.. you should buy it.


Scott S

8 months ago

Very good espresso. Staff was stand-offish. Did not feel comfortable there. Glad they had outside seating. Not likely to come back as there are plenty of option that are more welcoming. Too bad. I like independent shops and seek them out. Specifically for good products and friendly service.


Rebekah Clevenger

3 months ago

Beautiful space, love the location. Had some really fun specials. Delish desserts! Cortado was o.k. iced latte was a bit sweet for me, but overall good. :) Great experience!


Nina Joyner

6 months ago

Absolutely love Summit Coffee! The people here are so nice. I tried their lavender oat milk latte for anyone wondering and it was perfect! Their other options are amazing too. Walking distance from the lightrail too!!! Pics to come!

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