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Steven Danan

2 weeks ago

Ordering and Pick-up process were easy and convenient. I really wanted to love this place as Dry Chili Chicken (Ma-La Chicken) with steamed rice is my absolute favorite meal and hard to find in these parts. It did not quite hit the mark here. I just wish there was more heat or an option to make it Szechuan level Spicy. Needed some fermented black bean, ginger, scallion and definitely more dry chilis thrown into the mix. For me it was not spicy at all and missing some flavor. The dumpling sampler was just okay. I liked the dough, but the fillings all tasted about the same. I will give this place another try as the food was good, just not what I'm used to with the Dry chili chicken I've had in China, Chicago, and New York.


Christina Campbell

a month ago

Excellent dumplings! Went because my son wanted Chinese dumplings and a Google search showed me this place and the reviews made it so this was the only spot we were coming! Loved the ease of pick-up from City Kitchn and will definitely be back to try more of their offerings!


Raquel S

3 months ago

The ordering process was super easy, there is plenty of parking at the City Kitchen, and my order was ready early! I really enjoyed the mango lemon Jasmine tea! I think it will be really good as a cocktail, too, mixed with some vodka. Weekend goals haha The dumpling flight was delicious! I'll admit I was too excited to dig in that I forgot to look up the colors as I was eating them. My favorite was the white one and my least favorite (but still very tasty) was the purple one. The dipping sauce was the perfect compliment! They provide you with a fork and a napkin. I had some chopsticks at home which is my preferred method of eating dumplings.


Joe Lai

4 months ago

Finally! Fresh, authentic Chinese food in Charlotte! Its always great and Ive met the owner here and there whos typically helping customers order food. The dumplings are fantastic and an easy choice but their main courses are just as yummy. Reminds me of moms home cooking! Its take out or more of a cafeteria style place to sit and eat but definitely worth checking out!


Christina Janek

3 months ago

I got the mango jasmine tea, and it was very good. I also got a dumpling sampler and I was a little disappointed with those. None of them had a strong flavor, and the dough was pretty thick which made them a bit chewier than I was expecting. But there's as many preferences on dumplings (both fillings and dough) as there are in pizzas. To each their own.

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