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Lower South End

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Paul Currie

a week ago

Really great addition to the beer scene. The layout is great, nice and roomy. Inside and outside had lots of places to sit or stand. Though you had to put your name on a wait list for the inside . There was a good beer selection and the quality was lovely. The wait staff were helpful and attentive, even on the opening weekend. We'll definitely be back.


Annie Trang

3 weeks ago

What an amazing atmosphere they have here! The food was good, beer selection is insane. I had the citrus peel and that was really good. The place is huge. The crowd is great. Highly recommended!


Casey Shiller

a month ago

Wow! This place is amazing! Tons of space and looks incredible. They offer a nice selection of food and everyone at our table enjoyed their meals. Beer is top notch! Their root beer is to die for. Best Ive ever had. Also, very family friendly as well. Waitress was very attentive and seemed very knowledgeable about all of the menu items. We will definitely be back!


Aubrey Simmons

2 weeks ago

So first of all, the place was PACKED, but we experienced exceptional service the entire time. Even while we waited for a table and approached the insanely crowded bar, we were able to get a drink menu and service in no time. This was our (my husband and I) first time visiting. In all honesty, I did not walk in with particularly high expectations for the food - I thought it would be fine, but it ended up being absolutely delicious. We ordered a pretzel as an appetizer (pretty basic) but it was very fresh and tasted as if it had just been baked and taken out of the oven. I ordered the Southern Buddha Bowl and it was SO GOOD. The combination of grits, kimchi, avocado, etc. had an amazing flavor and I had a hard time balancing my appetite against wanting to scrape the bowl to the very end. They had a solid variety of beers that we enjoyed tasting. If they maintain this level of service, I have no doubt Brewers at 4001 Yancey will continue to be a hugely popular spot in Charlotte. Well done!


Jeff Bennett

a month ago

WOW!! What a great location and anchor in the brewery district. Super welcoming and friendly staff. The potato stack appetizer was amazing!! The Grind Pizza had the perfect amount of kick and the cheesesteak was on point, especially the roll. I tasted two new beers with dinner and both were very tasty...my dessert beer (Thick Mint) was the perfect beer for the Girl Scout cookie lover in me!! Ill be back for sure!!!