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Queen Park Social


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Lower South End

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Alexis Russ

9 months ago

Great place to have fun in a relaxed environment. Traditional bar food menu with decent execution. Weird hours on Sundays, everything shuts down at 12:30 for an hour; they open at 11am. Decent prices.


Perry Michaud

4 months ago

What a great experience! We went there on a Sunday morning. Super friendly place from the start. We played all the games! What an adult funhouse!! Great beers and apps! I cant say enough about the service. Everyone was very helpful and excited! I would highly recommend this for Sunday funday!! Cheers!


Daniel Duran

8 months ago

We were visiting Charlotte for the weekend and we really enjoyed this place a lot! Great place to catch a few drinks, hangout with friends playing all sorts of games to enjoy a good day in Charlotte! The staff was really helpful and attentive! Ill definitely come back here to enjoy some drinks again with friends!



3 months ago

Catching up on reviews. Was here for the 1st time with a group on Friday, 05-13-22. There was a nice crowd there. We sat for a long time without being attended to. We wanted to bowl, but there was already a group there bowling. We ended up stopping a young lady who worked there to let her know how long we'd been waiting. She had to take drinks to another table but did come back & started taking orders. Other people in the group ended up stopping someone else to put orders in. I ordered the regular nachos. I can't remember the name of the drink I had. I'd have been better off sticking with my water; the drink was weak. The people who ordered their drinks directly from the bar said their drinks were good & strong. Enjoyed watching those dancing in what I believe was the karaoke area.


Carolyn Washington

4 months ago

2nd time here and this place does not disappoint! Fun, male bartenders had me cracking up the moment I got there. Loved the lighthearted conversation and quick & friendly service. This is a perfect place for adults who want to express their inner children. From bowling to billiards, shuffle board to skee-ball .. and so much more! Love the vibe and the decor. Before close, they had piled up the pillows from outside on what looked like a stage. I thought for a second it was an activity set up for a pillow fight haha. I mean that would be cool, too. Good thing I did not attempt it.. but maybe next time? We will be back again. Thanks for a great time like always!

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