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Lower South End

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Antonia Turner

2 weeks ago

We chose to sit at the bar instead of a table. It was fairly empty but the rest of the place was busier. Service was great from both (male) host & bartenders. The host even volunteered to wipe down the bar when he seen we were about to turn away due to too many people in the building. He made us feel comfortable. The issue here is enforcement of social distancing. Too many patrons walking around to the bar, bathrooms, etc without a mask & nobody enforces or says anything. I get that businesses are struggling & need customers but businesses also have to understand we are in a pandemic & we are all experiencing new "normals". I don't just want my server or bartenders wearing masks but everybody especially when you're getting in common spaces less than 6 feet. People were coming up ordering drinks less than 3ft from us without masks. How can i sip my drink or eat my food when there's a group of 7 patrons right beside me and 5 of them aren't even displaying let alone wearing a mask. Very very uncomfortable. We keep scooting our stools from left to right because other patrons kept sitting literally right beside us without another stool or space in between us. And the bartender or anybody else said nothing. Can't go back until they take social distance realistic. I used to come here all the time before COVID. I love this place but times have changed but it doesn't seem they have when it comes to pandemic standards. (this was a Thursday night around 9pm)


juts ponciano

a month ago

Really cool place! Pool tables, bowling, basketball arcade, and many many more games! plus eat and drink at the same time. I wish there were more options on the menu though



a week ago

COVID superspreader potential. Was told we had a private area for a bday party so decided to come, but there was nothing private about it, and there were about 200 people inside not a mask in sight, screaming about football games, etc. There is also no tracking when you enter (person counting, ID check, etc) so even if there was an outbreak from here, it would be impossible to contact trace. It will be a long, long time before I come back here.


Alexander Davis

a month ago

Food is good and games are great. Big problem i had with this place is that after 6 pm it starts to turn into a bar, didn't seem like management were limiting people inside the place. People wore masks but there were still a few people not wearing masks. I would advise going early or wait till covid is over.


William Wallace

8 months ago

Great place to bring friends or family. Wonderful staff and perfect spacing for eating or just out for a drink a good game. Perfect place to go in Charlotte. Ping pong tables. We have been for birthdays and random events. They do reservations and have a good variety of air hockey and Jenga and other fun games. We love Queen park social.