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Bob Fee

9 months ago

This is a must see location in Charlotte. A world class restaurant with southern charm. The attention to detail is truly remarkable. Don't overlook anything. Everything is designed to give you the best dining experience. Take notice of the craftsmanship from the lighting, handmade tables down to the fine china. You will feel like you were transported back in time to an eloquent speakeasy. Ask about all the secrets this restaurant has to offer. You will be amazed! Look for the grand opening soon.


Arianne Colabella

8 months ago

Best dining experience in Charlotte thus far!! Ive lived here for almost four years, and this is the best meal Ive had in the QC! The food was phenomenal, drinks were so creative and well-balanced, atmosphere was fantastic, but our server/bartender, Amanda, was the icing on the cake! She was super knowledgeable of the menu, curated an amazing vibe, and provided us with spectacular service. Highly recommend the bar/open kitchen seating as well. Looking forward to going back to my new favorite Charlotte restaurant soon!


Patrick Fitzpatrick

3 months ago

I enjoyed the food. Risotto yes! Wedge was a surprise but rather delicious. Well priced. Chicken was well prepared but it was chicken.- I would have been more adventurous with a larger group. Overall everything was really good. Don't understand all the purple and pink on the website. Doesn't relate to the design of the restaurant. Maybe I'm missing a story element. Some church thing or something.? This is a Google review so I'll give 5 stars. I've been to nicer but I'm not a restaurant critic and this place deserves great reviews. So 5 stars.


Krista Wyatt

2 months ago

What an experience! Not only was the staff attentive, but you felt you made a friend. You could tell this team was happy because they worked well in harmony. The team in the back cooking the delicious steaks... you need to give them a tip. That area feels like it's 800 degrees and they seemed to enjoy it. The temperature of our steak was perfection. I would drive 3 hours for this steak again. My favorite side dish was smashed potatoes and the wedge salad.


Sol Airhart

8 months ago

This was our first time trying Supperland and we were not disappointed at all. We had high hopes knowing the group that created the restaurant. Our hopes were exceeded definitely. Our server was amazing and she went into extensive detail about the items on the menu, because of course we asked questions about every dish. The drinks were awesome and when the food did come out John, the GM was bringing my filet and he apologized because he thought it looked a little smaller than what they prefer and told me her had already put an entire other one on the grill for me to compliment the one he was giving me. I would never have expected that and it was greatly appreciated. We will definitely be back and it is nice to see another great date night spot in Plaza! Cheers yall!

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