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Peeran B

a year ago

Last night for dinner we visited Supperland, some call it a gem., We would call it labor of love .. as its evident from its ethereal facade, attention to details evident from hand made pews & tables, and well crafted crockery & cutlery. The wait staff knowledgeable and ready to assist with your palate. We had David, who waited on us and made sure that all that we ordered from wine to food was per our palate. The food we ordered (pics below) was delicious..kudos to the chef and all involved who made our evening a memorable one.. will surely recommend it highly amongst our friends and will visit again.


Paula Staver

11 months ago

Soo pretty! Wait time for a table was 1.5 hours so we opted for the patio. There were heaters on both sides of the table so we were plenty warm. Staff was attentive and friendly but not obtrusive. Servers timing was always perfect. Drinks were very good and out quickly. I had the rib-eye. It was a little overcome by the char flavor and a little dry actually. I heard the pot roast was good and the chicken was dry but had a good flavor. Sides were decent. Pecan pie was a brick..Id skip that.


El Guapo

8 months ago

Ambience, service and presentation are on point here. What is lacking is a coherent food and drink menu, compelling pairing choices, or a logical pricing structure. Price for an old fashioned? $14. Price for a smoked old fashioned: $25. Um, okay. Appetizers were the best part of the meal, but still not delicious enough to return again. The main menu items don't match well with the sides, the sides don't match well with each other. The desserts are an even more eclectic hodgepodge of ingredients at a price point ($18!) that doesn't exactly encourage taking a chance on something bizarre. Overall, you're left with a great dining experience with disappointing food choices. It's not that anything is particularly bad, but nothing is outstanding and the parts are greater than the whole. After spending $100+ per person for dinner here and packing up most of it to bring home later since it wasn't that great, we actually ended up going out for burgers afterward, we felt so unsatisfied. Sad, but true. If this place is to endure in a market crowded with great dining choices (and I hope it does, the atmosphere is delightful), the chef really needs to sit down and streamline the ingredient list and menu choices to enable the construction of a more cohesive, satisfying meal by diners. The everything-plus-the-kitchen sink approach on display here feels more childishly impulsive than innovative. Reply to owner comment: Email you more information? How about instead of copy/pasting that on every person's feedback you read and acknowledge the information we've already taken the time to share? You're getting tons of specific feedback for improvement in these reviews. Post your thanks, use the feedback given or don't, and drive on. Candid reviews should be seen as a gift, if you keep hearing the same thing, it's probably true. Most unhappy people simply won't return, and you'll never know why. I see potential in your restaurant, but also a short window to improve your menu offerings and food quality before the crowds diminish and the wonderful atmosphere goes to waste.


C. Jules

6 months ago

What a delightful experience! - Service was excellent! - All ordered dishes were prepared perfectly. - Ambiance is inspired. - Sitting at the chef's bar provides a clear view of this brilliantly designed kitchen. - Reservations are recommended.


Joshua Tipton

7 months ago

Incredible experience. Its like stepping into an new world from Plaza Midwood. Food is fantastic. Its a southern kitchen style concept so all the dishes are meant to be shared. The wood fire open kitchen concept makes it difficult not to order a steakwhich was wonderful. The decor is simply stunning.

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