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Naomi Haney

a month ago

My boss suggested this place and I am so happy I went. I love all the variety and specialty dishes. The apple pancake is phenomenal. I do suggest getting it for the table to share because for one its huge and two you are going to want to try other menu options. My friend did not like omelet but no offense to the restaurant i do not really care for chicken in my omelet - nothing against the restaurant- I just think it wasnt for her. Her daughter got strawberry pancakes not shown - she loved it. Came with jams and whip cream to put on top along with fresh strawberries. I got sausage and bacon to see which was better. Both are good but bacon takes the cake. The home fries are good but I suggest asking them to make them crispy. Thats just how i like them. I got over easy eggs and there were actually over easy. A lot of restaurants cant seem to always get the style of eggs that you want to a T. I am very impressed by not only the quality of the food but also the service.


Amanda Rinck

5 months ago

I have tried to get here a couple times before, but always so busy. I'm glad I decided to wait this time. If you wanting the apple pancake, just know it takes a little while to make that...roughly 30 mins. It is worth it! The crepes were delicious as well. I loved the fresh cream. I really loved that they did not have a heaping pat of butter on the pancake when it was served. It was brought separate. That's wonderful for people like me that doesn't want butter on her pancakes.


Harvey Franklin

5 months ago

Two time Breakfast Champion Winner! A grand choice selection for breakfast in the South Park Area. Definitely Deliciousness! Im always somewhere and nowhere..follow me to see where Im not! Let me know if I have been helpful!


Ann Wright

a week ago

Our party ordered Florentino crepe, pancakes and cherry blintz. The crepe came with potato pancakes. Also ordered orange juice and bacon. Everything was delicious, but the potato pancakes. The potato pancakes were way too salty. Service was good.


Matthew McDonald

2 weeks ago

Such a dice roll when you order the apple pancake here! If I hadn't grown up on this stuff (I weigh 940lbs now) in MI (because it's cold there, so it's fine- all Michiganders are in the 900 club! Fun fact!), I wouldn't care, but knowing how good they can be, I feel the inconsistency is worth addressing. It was flat and dense, not just deflated from resting. It was pale, and coated in dry clumps of sugar, while the standard is mahogany brown, with more of a glazed, sticky finish for anyone who doesn't know the way. At least one cook and one server felt good about selling it like this, and maybe a mgr/expo in between. It's my birthday, and this was my only concrete celebratory plan- I wasn't going to complain and wait another thirty minutes for another that might not be any better. It was still okay, and I ate it, and I'm not mad about it, but internally, some more attention needs to be given to the validation of the food and standards/processes imo. The coffee was extra weak today. Both my coffee and water went dry. There was mention that cuts were made to the floor, so supports were not in place when it did get busy, and coffee wasn't getting made in time. Personally, I appreciate the honest context. Everybody's doing what they can, and I'll always extend some grace. Doing good, with room for improvement. Please clean the ceiling vent cover above the kitchen threshold.

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