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Nina Joyner

3 weeks ago

They had Music Bingo featuring Christmas classics and it was really fun! This place gets very packed, so I suggest planning ahead and wear some comfortable shoes because youll most likely be standing. There is a rooftop however that had more space and seats opened up quicker, but it is not covered at all so it will be drenched when it rains. The holiday drinks were okay, they give you a lot for the price comparison to most places, but they ended up giving me normal glass-wear due to the high volume of orders, so I definitely missed out on that part but otherwise its a cute place and the food looked delicious when I saw it in passing. Would do again.


Drea L

a month ago

Was invited to the sneak peek for their Christmas pop-up and it was a great event. Yummy Appetizers were passed around, featured cocktails were served in themed cups, the whole atmosphere was decorated to make you feel the fantasy. I also have to point out the excellent service. While the volume was medium-high, our bartender spent time going over their amazing rum selection and providing samples for some of them so we could know what to order for our next visit. Highly recommend checking them out!


Sydney Cross

8 months ago

My friends and I decided to go here for drinks and dinner this past Friday night. While the drinks were a tad pricey, they were really really good. The food however was mediocre at best. Two of us ordered shrimp in our dishes. It was as if they purchased frozen cooked shrimp, thawed it out, and put the shrimp on our plates. Cold, rubbery, and just nasty. We wanted to stay longer but were starving and ended up paying for food we didnt eat/like and going to another restaurant to eat. I would only recommend this place for drinks and nothing more. I would like to note that we didnt receive any silverware when we were seated and I asked at least twice for extra napkins. Im sure our waiter got us paper towels from the restroom and only gave us 3 total.


Anne B

6 months ago

Addendum: Let me clarify my review. From an "upscale" establishment, we expected top notch service. The FOOD menu had very few options and the server said they were out of several items on their menu on a Friday night? We were left with few options for FOOD. We were served room temperature water and we were never able to order a second alcohol drink because our server checked on us infrequently during our limited 2 hour reservation at this upscale establishment. She spent more time with the table next to us. When we asked for a check for 3 couples, there were 4 receipts. You do the math, that doesn't take a genius to figure out. Royal Tot- you may need to consider working on your "quality" of service in all areas. Your response to this post and your treatment of our party while dining will guarantee, we will not return. Great concept- but certainly doesn't deliver. Original post: We had been waiting for sometime to visit this location. Super cute decor and love the tropical vibe! I wish the service even met our expectations. First, you reserve a block of time. You will need to leave when your reservation has ended which we found very strange considering other tables were open. Drinks are a little pricey and the bartender was very rude when a member of our party had a question about his drink. He seemed personally offended. They were out of several items on their already limited menu. We rarely received service at our table and our server completely messed up the receipts. Very disappointed.


Loni Layne

5 months ago

Phenom vibe, food, and drinks! The wasabi potatoes were out of this world. Most extensive rum menu Ive ever seen. You will love it! Just go! I do recommend making a reservation, if possible, though if you go right at opening, you may be okay.

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