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Michael Anthony

a month ago

Finally had the opportunity to experience The Waterman for my birthday and it did not disappoint! The service was exceptionally well and all the staff was friendly. The food was really solid all around. I really enjoyed the pieces of lobster hidden in the daily catch and the rice was nice and tasty. The mussels were amazing and the drinks were really good! I probably shouldnt have gotten the chocolate in a jar but hey it was my birthday. Definitely will be back again!


Shanice QC

6 months ago

This place is one of the rare places these days were the management and staff work in tandem to satisfy the customers. Ally aka Alexandria, is one of the amazing member of the staff. I also met the manager which is a rare thing these days. I noticed that the manager motivated his staff from the kitchen, dining room area, prep area and even the bar!! I wanted fish and chips and got exactly it was delicious!! I normally would have a drink , but abstain since it was too early for that. I forgot to mention, the place is very clean and it has a wonderful atmosphere. Kudos!!


C Powell

7 months ago

I can't say enough good things about this place. The atmosphere is laid back yet classy. You can reservation an area for a nice retirement dinner or tell some friend to meet you at the back bar for drinks. Speaking of the drinks, you have plenty to choose from. When I heard the head chef was from Louisiana, it all made since. Each drink was great. Yet the Fish House Punch Cocktail is a must. Now, the food was amazing too. I know everyone thinks their shrimp & Grits are the best, but this shrimp & grits had a nice crayfish surprise. I highly recommend coming here.


Katie Carpenter

3 months ago

Yum! The service was delightful, drinks were on tap mixed drinks and we shared an assortment of appetizers. The ceviche was delicious, bright and refreshing served with chips. They have happy hour oysters in the afternoon so plan your visit accordingly.



5 months ago

The NC Trout was delicious. My biggest issue was not enough food, but expensive. If you are going to have such an expensive menu, put more food on the plate. I felt like going to Taco Bell afterwards and Im not a big guy. The server was friendly and the place felt comfortable and clean. I will go back actually. If you havent been here, you should try it out!

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