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Fedor Chuchkov

3 months ago

This message is especially for management. Staff and service are absolutely amazing. Thanks for that. But every my swim pool session I see people who puts off their clothes/shoes right in pool area and no shower before. Definitely this is not appropriate behavior. I believe that most of pool visitors agree with me. This is not hygienic. Dear management, please set the rule "no shower - no swimming" and the pool area is not dressing room. Thanks


Jitender Bhati

2 weeks ago

Their swim lessons for kids are great. They have an indoor and outdoor pool.


Daina King

4 months ago

I have contacted the facility a dozen times in regards to a refund for cancelled swim classes, and 6 months later I have still NOT received it. The swim director Teresa has told me numerous times to anticipate said refund, but to no avail. We attended a swim class over the summer. There were a total of three other children in the class. 2 children were left unattended, which for a 3 year old must be pretty intimidating to enter the water and not see your parents! Those children screamed and cried at the top of their lungs for the entire class, echoing in an indoor pool, and while crying kids is not the responsibility of the ymca, the policy for parents to be able to leave 3 year old alone is. This was terribly disruptive to the other children. My nerves were rattled after 30 minutes of this. The pool was freezing, poor little toddlers were shivering, my son clasping his body shaking and not wanting to swim. We have quite enjoyed swim classes at Swim Otters, so I would recommend them. We completed swim classes at an outdoor pool with a private instructor and that was also a great success. The YMCA was a major disappointment!


Craving Gaming

12 months ago

Always a good experience. Friendly, caring and helpful staff


Miller Belitz

a year ago

Love this church. Just entered today!

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