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The exterior color of Zada Jane’s is vibrant, quirky and a standout in its Plaza Midwood neighborhood. Diners can expect the menu to reflect that first impression. Breakfast is served all day, and their thoughtful salads and hearty sandwiches are made with organic, local and sustainable foods.

Cuisine Type: American

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Ray Otstott

4 weeks ago

We enjoyed our breakfast here. It's a pleasant spot in the middle of Plaza-Midwood. The food was good, and the service was better than adequate, but not great. It was a bit crowded when we were there, which might help to explain that. But it's definitely a fun place, right in the middle of a cool neighborhood.


John Rath

a month ago

This was my second visit at Zada Jane's, so I feel I can now give a fairly unbiased review. This specific review will primarily cover my most recent visit - Sunday brunch. Let's start with the good: The food was good. Bacon might have been microwaved but it did taste great. The butter for my pancakes had an orange zest mixed in, which was a really nice touch. The biscuit was one of the better ones I've had in Charlotte. The Bad: There's quite a bit, and it's unlikely it was due to our server (although the service was poor). We had a group of 5, and got there around 9:30 AM. We were told there would be a 25 minute wait - turns out it was closer to an hour. That can be understandable, it was busy. What is hard to excuse is the wait that came after we sat down. There was a 10 (TEN) minute wait for just our waters. Once we put our orders in, we then waited another hour for food. And this wasn't just us - we asked, most people had been waiting as long or longer. When our food finally came, we were missing a few things. Those things did appear on the bill though. Additionally, we had some up-charges for items we didn't specifically ask for. The food came out cold as well, which just added to the frustration. Long story short - I think the foundations of what made Zada Jane's a popular brunch spot are still there. Good food, good ingredients, good atmosphere. However, management seems to be holding this place back from being what it should be. A restaurant isn't just about the quality of the food, but also the service (as we're paying to be served our meal). It seems someone at Zada Jane's must have forgotten this. I hope the next time I come here, that changes.


James Hayes

a month ago

Eclectic and modern menu with a southern feel, just like the staff. Inside and outside seating, plenty of room old feel with great coffee and good food. An interesting area and so lots of interesting people sharing the space with you... Go and enjoy your self


Erin C

a month ago

I decided to have breakfast there this morning-by myself so I decided to sit outside. So I ordered my food no problem. Paid for my check and decided to order another drink. So the hostess comes up to me and states thank you for your business but were going to have to ask you to leave because its busy and we need this table. Now mind you I have a brand new drink on my table untouched. The server brings me my check and ask for a manager b/c Im not paying for something that I havent even touched yet. The same hostess now manager states that she is the manager and no one can be there longer than an hour. I told her that was very rude and unprofessional when there are no signs saying that is indeed a policy. She said well Im going to ask you to leave or Ill call the police. Takes my drink off the table and walks. I call friend to express my disbelief in what happened. I stated to her Im never coming back to this place!. Another staff member stated Thats fine. I will never give them a dime of my money AGAIN. As a resident of this area I have never been treated in such a manner at a place that Ive been several times before. As I read online reviews Ive noticed what happened to me wasnt the first time that they treated there customers in such a manner.