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Firestar Finesse

a week ago

Amazing staff, food, service and atmosphere. I eat here at least twice a week. Wonderful vegan options! The bartender is the sweetest lady every! All of the staff are amazing!


Curtis Swift

a month ago

My favorite breakfast place that I have found in Charlotte. The Booker T is eggs over sweet potatoes. It is really good. Big menu, good size servings, priced to please. Everyone I have taken there has enjoyed it.


Pablo Piccaso

2 weeks ago

Nice place to go for lunch. I had the small garden salad side of chicken salad and a biscuit. Organic ingredients. Fast friendly service.


Justin Brooks

a week ago

USE CASH ONLY!!! After our initial visit, when we got home we noticed five charges from Zada Jane's on our bank account, only one of them the correct amount. We called them and they graciously deleted any pending charges and credited back one that was paid in correctly. The next day another charge went through, after a few days of back and forth (instead of just refunding the $14). Then the fun started. A few days after that, another charge showed up. We called and they claimed they would back it out. Then a few days later, yet another mystery charge shows up. We call again, they say they'll back it out. A few days later, a third charge so we call again and this time we can't get anyone to return a call. BTW, this was not the same $14 being charged to the card, it was random 20-30 dollar amounts. In the end, had to cancel my credit card and dispute the charges for a $14 lunch. Still not sure if this was ignorance or fraud. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.


Caitlin McGovern

3 months ago

Features locally sourced food/ coffee. It's an amazing brunch spot. They have the basic alcoholic beverages you would expect for a brunch spot, but the food is what I come for. Their sweet potato browns are my favorite. The biscuits and coffee are good, too. I really like Booker T's East Side Hasher and sometimes just a simple egg and cheese-biscuit. The french-toast is also very good. I have had quite a few of the breakfast options and they were all delicious! The prices are reasonable, and staff is nice. The parking is too small. When it is busier, you do have to park down the road and walk a few blocks back to the restaurant. Eclectic decor. They also feature local artists' art on their walls, which is nice. This is in my top 3 favorite breakfast spots in Charlotte.