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Pavi MJ

5 months ago

Our family's favorite Mexican restaurant.... we have been going here for 5 years now... love the food and ambience... their meatless options are also very good (my vegetarian friends also love this restaurant). The only sad part is they have stopped their famous molten lava cake, hope they bring it back soon...


Dwip Chokshi

3 months ago

We were greeted with friendly hostess. Our server seemed a little off. May coz they were understaffed or something. If not she needs a little more training in customer care. Food was really awesome so were the drinks. Also liked home made salsas. I was surprised to find 18% gratuity added for 4 adults and 2 kids for very average service. Will have to come back for tacos but may not bring 4 adults coz dont want to get charged 18% gratuity. Overall 4.25/5 given the average service and 18% gratuity.


Tatiana Johnson

7 months ago

From where I reside, the 30 minute drive is worth it! (Especially with Charlotte traffic). My first time, the wait was awful, food came late, and my food had tomatoes and onions. When I ordered I asked if they could not come with, and he said yes. Of course I sat there picking through my food and did not enjoy. I summed it up to them having a bad night. We only came back the next two times because a manager had gave us our food for practically nothing, and we only paid for our drinks. During those next two times the service was better, and my fianc enjoyed food. My food was good as well, but again it had the tomatoes and onions. I asked both my waiters if the food came with it, and both said no. Again, I picked through my food. This sort of made it not as exciting to come here, and I wouldnt unless my fianc really wanted it. We simply didnt come for a long time, until tonight because my fianc wants Mexican (he loves the food here). We go in and immediately we were seated. As soon as we sit, our waiter comes to get our drinks and someone else brings our chips and salsa. Its clear to see I DO NOT like tomatoes! Worst case scenario, if its too difficult to exclude, I might eat depending on my mood. Obviously this means I hardly eat salsa, and I mean hardly. Tonight the salsa was good! I dont know what it was, but it was so FRESH! And for me to actually eat it, my fianc was shocked I liked it so much. He gets his usual and I get a taco bowl thing. I ask the waiter about tomatoes and guacamole, and he says it wont come with. I ask a few more times to make sure, and hes positive it wont come with. Food comes super quick, and the bowl is PERFECT! I ate the whole thing, with no picking! Chicken was juicy and flavorful, and paired with the bowl and toppings I enjoyed my meal. This made me happy because as mentioned above the drive is one thing, and then my food not being what I would like. Today changed my mind about this place, and I simply had to leave a good note. My fianc is definitely happy that he can continue to enjoy his food, without me having to stop somewhere after and get something else. I honestly have nothing bad to say here. Only suggestion is that the booths are a little tiny for big chested women, but this can be fixed by sitting at a table. Give this place a shot and you will enjoy it. Especially those looking for authentic Mexican food, you will not be disappointed eating here.


Donald Beck

a month ago

Love this restaurant! I usually order take out at the bar and enjoy a Modelo Especiale (pint) and chips and salsa while the order is being prepared. The staff are friendly and attentive and service is fast - usually the food is ready before the beer is gone. Typically my order includes the fresh guacamole and chips, taco salad, cheese or chicken enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos and/or fajitas. Its all good and these plates work well as take out (home is only 3 hrs away). Atmosphere here is pleasant, there are many large booths in the restaurant. Before the pandemic on weekends you might get serenaded by a mariachi band. Hopefully this will resume (msybe it already has by this writing).


Michael R. Ingelsby

7 months ago

Zapata's continues to deliver big with their Mexican cuisine. They have plenty of great customer service to give two thumbs up to. Of course, the star of the show is the food. Try the Zapata pictured here, where you get to serve any three items offered with your rice and beans. The dish went very well with an extra tall Modeno and Pina Cokada also shown. 8 years later, it is a Ballantyne favorite for our family!

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