Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

Photo Policy

CRVA Photo Policy

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) authorizes you to view, copy, download and print the photographic and video images provided consistent with the terms herein but only in connection with the promotion of Charlotte as a visitor destination or to promote specified CRVA brands. Any use is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Images may not be posted or distributed in any manner other than for purposes consistent with this Agreement,
  2. Images may not be modified from their original form,
  3. Logos, images, b-roll, area maps and editorial content may not be altered in any way, and
  4. Copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices must be included. Images and b-roll must carry appropriate credit line, "Courtesy of" unless otherwise noted when the photos are provided.

Before CRVA will grant permission to use its logo or a hyperlink on printed materials or a website, CRVA must review and approve placement, content and quality. If permission is granted, a copy of the piece must be forwarded to CRVA for approval prior to production to ensure appropriate style guide and brand elements are represented. A copy of the final printed piece must be forwarded upon completion.

Materials may not be used in any manner which, in the opinion of CRVA, is obscene, scandalous, libelous, unlawful or that would in any way disparage or humiliate CRVA or the City of Charlotte as a destination, its brands or services. Materials will not be used in any manner that implies that CRVA is endorsing or promoting your products or services or the products or services of any third party.

CRVA has the right to restrict usage to any organization that does not meet its marketing objectives. Submit any questions here.