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Norman Pray

a month ago

Really like this hotel and will back when I am in the area. Check in was extremely efficient, Megan front desk person who checked me in was genuinely friendly and was patient with all my questions. LOVED there was fresh coffee in the lobby when I checked in! They have an outdoor pool which is nice and clean and I took full advantage. They have a full hot breakfast which was indeed hot with plenty of choices to choose from including waffles which are my favorite breakfast food. My room was quiet, and incredibly clean. At first I was disappointed the pillows were so small and when I called the desk to ask Megan if they have larger pillows, she let me in on the secret that they're full size, the housekeepers just tuck them in a special way to make them nice and neat. Check out was also efficient, Ivan was jovial and friendly. I'll be back! - Norman Pray


Thomas Marsh

3 weeks ago

It has been.very accommodating. I was able to do my laundry. They have laundry room on site. Very quiet. Not.once has anyone from staff disturbed us. Very happy with everything all around. And still haven't tried the pool yet but will sometime tomorrow


James White

3 months ago

Very clean, nice breakfast, exceptional customer service. April the manager was by far one of the best I've dealt with. She was very accommodating to our travel baseball team. The staff we encountered from the front desk, housekeeping, and breakfast crew we're all very friendly and helpful. If we play in Charlotte again I would certainly stay here and recommend to any travel team to check them out.


Chelsie Williams

2 months ago

I drove 135 miles and had been up for 3 days straight I need a hotel room, but no other hotel in Matthews is pet friendly so I came here (I also came here because of their previous stellar customer service and previous good experience with them for such a long time. When I got in the room 108 the smoke detector was hanging off the ceiling there was a weird smell that I used several scents to cover up and still didn't work 80% of the wall outlets or other outlets did not work. As I was going to sleep a huge centipede crawled up my wall and I smashed it. Unnerved and too tired to even drive with out falling asleep I moved to the other bed and hoped a centipede wouldn't crawl in my ear while I slept. There was mounds of fur behind the headboards and the night stand and 2 live spiders. When I took a shower the next morning there was a deafening screech coming from the pipes. I had never once had a problem with this hotel in fact I had been a loyal customer who used to sing praise about this hotel to everyone who would listen. I get home and find the hotel charged my card again they did not tell me of the charge they just did it. I am someone who VALUES honesty I was outraged because they had not notified me it was unauthorized and because of the bad experience I had. Now originally because of my good experiences in the past I chose to not complain and chalked it up to wrong time wrong place. it's now May 2018 and the hotel owner April Grant has given me and my bank hell, Here is where I'm offended ad such a fraudulent action by April Grant. I trained at a choice hotel where I live and I was told they have to not rent out rooms in bad shape and only do so as a last resort where the customer needs a room that badly and this seems to be what happened to me with room 108. Now. April Grant being the owner of the hotel and based on my training at a choice hotel as a front desk agent I am absolutely disgusted with April Grant and her dishonesty as the owner of the hotel there is no way she did not know of the rooms condition, so why she would dispute my claim when SHE KNEW the condition of the room considering I had been a loyal customer for so long and NEVER ONCE asked them for a refund till now is chalked up to basic business dishonesty. April Grant is not a honest business woman and now I have nothing nice to say about this hotel or April NEVER once had I EVER complained to April about ANY of my stays till now. Then when I have a legitimate complaint she treats me like dirt under a rug I've stayed here constantly since 2011 I used to love this hotel I have NEVER CAUSED THIS HOTEL ANY ISSUES IN THOSE YRS yet April treated me like 1 of those people who just wanted a FREE room. April treated a SEVEN YEAR customer like DIRT she has NO loyalty to her customers no matter how long a customer has stayed here. There is no way she did not know of the rooms condition I know this from my TRAINING AT CHOICE HOTEL where I live that she completely violated protocol. I didn't even plan to leave a bad review till I had such a mortifying experience with April Grant at this point I'm more disgusted with her dishonesty and how she treats long term customers like dirt then I am about my hotel stay. I will never stay here again I will post this on other sites and on rip off sites and to the FTC and to the BBB. Chasing off a loyal customer is not a good business practice treating a honest customer like dirt after a legitimate complaint is unprofessional. At this point April Grants lack of a moral compass is more irritating to me then the bad stay I had. Mark my words go somewhere else I was a loyal customer for 7 yrs and the owner April Grant still treated me badly I'm utterly appalled and as I said I didn't plan to even give the hotel a bad review till April showed just how greedy and dishonest she can be even to someone who never once had a bad thing to say about this hotel for 7 yrs. I'm 29 and have NEVER asked a hotel for a refund in my entire life till now and probably never will have to again.


Samir Bhayani

4 weeks ago

The front desk staff were amazing and helpful. The location is great with easy access. The breakfast staff was very happy to help. Room was quiet. Overall great hotel.