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Josh Rees

a year ago

I believe this restaurant is fairly new to the area. So, my wife and I thought we would give it a try. Overall, I enjoyed my experience. We started with the chips and quesowhich I thought was pretty good. However, the chips are very saltynot something I would complain about but I can see how it may be a little too much for some people. I had three tacos: the steak and cheese, the fish taco, and the Zorba. By far, the steak and cheese was my favorite taco. The Zorba was also pretty good, although I would probably order something else next time. I was also looking forward to the fish taco but it wasnt really that great in my option. The fish didnt really have a flavor and was heavily reliant on the chipotle sauce for taste. My wife is vegan and gave the Banh Mi Tofu taco a try. She wasnt impressed. She said the tofu was strangely cold, as if it had been taken out of the refrigerator right before serving it. Overall, I would still come back and I look forward to trying other items on their menu.


Patricia L

a month ago

Tonight was my first time eating at a White Duck Taco. It was delicious. My only problem is I cannot decide which was my favorite. I really liked them all. I will be going back; some of the best Ive ever eaten.


Matthew Smith

2 months ago

Visited for the first time. I had the Chicken Tikka Masala taco, the Zorba Taco, and Steak and Cheese taco. All three were really good. Will probably try the Gyro taco next time we go. Also the tortilla chips and trio sauce sure was good. We ordered at the counter and the food was brought to our table quickly. Definitely looking forward to the next trip!


Elicia Vignola

5 months ago

Unfortunately was disappointed with our visit here. We have wanted to check it out since we never got to go in Asheville and it was a huge let down. The menu is really all over the place. We wanted something simple to order but that was not an option. I really enjoyed the fish taco , the Buffalo chicken was really hard to eat as its just one giant chicken finger , flavor was okay but very weird as a taco. My boyfriend hated his tacos and after trying them I dont blame him. Both of the meats he got were over cooked and extremely dry. My son got a chicken quesadilla which to our surprise was fried chicken which seems extremely odd in a quesadilla. We also got the corn which I know its a corn salad but to me it sounded similar to elote and would have been SO much better hot. We took it home and warmed it up and it was enjoyed way more rhat way since it is a very very thick salad The outside hammocks were nice to hang on after our meal but a bum was smoking out there and kept talking to my son which made me extremely uncomfortable. i dont see us returning.


Matt Riffle

a year ago

Amazing food not like anything else offered in Matthews area. I didn't know there were so many different taco flavors available. I can't wait to go back and try them all!!! The staff was super friendly with a Caribbean style atmosphere. Highly recommended for lunch and dinner.

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