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5 months ago

I recently joined the climbing team here after a few trial trips and got a membership. I am now coming here almost twice a week to climb and exercise, and I gotta say this is a really fun place for kids and a good place to exercise for adults. (And kids can exercise too as long as they have an adult with them in the workout area) I am just amazed with how this place works really hard to make an awesome experience for all ages! Thanks for providing a nice experience and sport!


Will Mitchell

a year ago

Great staff, great bouldering, great music. Was here in Charlotte for a wedding and knocked out a morning session. Day pass price was a little steep but worth it. I wish my home gym was this good.


Delta Tango

7 months ago

Honestly, I don't think I've been to a worse climbing gym, anytime I try and give them another shot I find at least 3 holds within my first hour that are loose or spinning on the wall. I'm led to believe that there is no smoking allowed in the building, but with the amount of chalk and poor air quality inside you would be surprised to know that fact, might as well be in the the roaring 1920s with how much smog there is in those buildings. The ropes are always poorly tired up, if at all, which can only make me wonder how much they clean the things you can't see if they leave the ropes in such a state. I've seen both wall panels and cushioned floor panels loose, wobbly, or barely attached to anything, which does not embody a safe environment to climbers. Overall, I would say inner peaks is perfectly maintained if you think climbing in the monkey enclosure from a long since abandoned zoo is ideal.


Rav S

11 months ago

I went there to get a day pass for my son and ended up getting a membership and .......I ended up getting membership for myself after hardly a week going there with my son. They have a family discount if an additional member of the family wanted to join. The facility is so clean with free classes, gym and awesome climbing walls. I'm new to climbing, but i do enjoy my time here trying out things with my son. The best part of this facility is the staff.. They are so friendly and welcoming, I still think they are partly a reason why I ended up with the membership so fast.


Matt Baucom

a year ago

Nice facility, perfect for families. This location, as opposed to South End, feels more intimate inside. For families, kids, beginners, I think this place is better suited than South End. South End can seem big and intimidating. This location has a great layout and flow to it. Colors are bright, everything looks new-ish. The staff is super friendly and more than willing to help and show you things. There is plenty of parking outside, so no worries there either.

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