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Marrissa Morrow

3 months ago

The worst asian food I've ever had. The sushi tasted like day old sushi that you'd get from the supermarket, the fried rice was literally frozen, I could tell this because the peas and carrots were both freezer burnt and it had ZERO egg in it, isn't that a staple in fried rice? The beef chow fun was a huge clump of noodles in turn there was no sauce on 80% of the noodles cause they were all stuck together. We literally hated everything we got except the seaweed salad (sub par) and the sesame chicken (actually very tasty). Besides those two items, we threw everything else out. What a waste of money.


Daniel Makogon

2 years ago

Let me start off by saying that this establishment is by far my favorite restaurant in Charlotte. The prices are superb much like the food. The environment is very nice, quiet and pleasing. The owners are amazing and super nice! The servers are always extremely polite and quick with everything. The sushi is one of a kind, and always extremely fresh. The bento boxes are amazing too. Always filling and a great price! Just


John Gallagher

9 months ago

Good food. Great bartender w/ great service. Here's the bad... half priced sushi from 730 - 930... I made 2 changes to my dynamite roll & they said after the bill came that "of course custom sushi isn't half off." Another entree on my bill was also higher than the menu price. Note to future customer's, always check your bill & pricing. It's a shame to have to write this review when I had such good service too.


Nesr Yanes

5 months ago

The food was delicious, the service was delightful, and the amount of time it took to make the food was was amazing! Definitely would recommend going here and we will order again.


Chris Elder

a year ago

Food is reliable and fresh. The servings are good for the price and thay have nice lunch specials.