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Clay Monkus

7 months ago

It has been a few years since I ordered from this Red Bowl because my last few experiences were not good. But I decided to give them a try since it has been a long time and I wanted to see if things had improved. Unfortunately, they have not. The Pad Thai had ZERO flavor, as in I'm not sure more than a teaspoon of sauce was used just to slightly color the noodles. And what was supposed to be chicken had a soft and chewy texture like an egg (but was not egg); therefore, I chose not to eat it since I was unsure of what I was eating. So, beware if you are ordering from here that, at the least, they appear to be going to extremes to cut cost and you may not be getting the flavor and quality you expect when ordering from a restaurant. I certainly will not be ordering from here again.


Mimi Smith

4 months ago

Ive never eaten in this particular restaurant because I always order take out. I have no complaints about the food but my complaint is with the older, short dyed brown hair person ( I cant call her a woman because that would be too polite ) who is always cashing people out or taking orders near the front door.She has never given me the courtesy of saying hello when I walk in, Im not expecting her to roll out a red carpet or be glad to see me but, at least be cordial. Ive never gotten a thank you even after spending $40-$50 for a quick take-out lunch. Good customer service is just as important as good food and this particular individual must have never been taught this rule. I frequent this restaurant only because I can get a quick meal to go after the gym but, I get a sour taste in my mouth each time I walk into this establishment.


Gregory Albert

2 weeks ago

From the minute I walked in the door. The lady at the front who I believe is the owner never greeted us or smiled. She just said how many. I noticed her interaction with other customers and she did the exact same thing to them, no hi how are you no smile nothing but how many. She is just a bitter lady that is not friendly snd never smiled. All the staff in there looked not happy. The place was not very clean. Our table was sticky. We have gotten take out from them many times but never ate there. I think the lady at the front needs to remember that the customers are who keeps your lights on. I would also recommend they have someone else greet customers, because she is just awful.



2 months ago

Service? What service? The owner/ older woman at desk is very unpleasant. Has the audacity to laugh at me when I had a request. Food? Guys, save yourself from this mediocre place. Fried rice- hard and not fried, just some brown rice with a few pieces of corn. Bang bang shrimp was decent. Egg roll- microwaved texture. This would be the place to go if you are depressed and want to wallow in your misery. Misery is complementary at this place.


Kelly Starnes

3 weeks ago

Delicious and always prepared and packed with care!! Honestly, I have enjoyed food from here for 5 years and they have never let me down nor have I had a bad experience. It hit me after picking up dinner tonightits always been a great experience. Super friendly and take pride in their restaurant. Thank you red bowl!!

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