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Jane Lowe

5 months ago

I have been going to this sauna for a while now and typically really enjoy it. As of late, the receptionist has been talkative and loud with others through the last two sessions which has made the sessions less enjoyable. The office space is very open, and there are even "Be quiet and respectful" signs in each sauna room because others can hear you...So it's surprising that the receptionist chats to other employees for 25 min out of the 30 min sauna therapy session, when they know that sound travels so much in the space. It has made it difficult to relax. Hopefully this changes soon!


Kirk delatorre

11 months ago

Great place. Massage was awesome. They also have infrared saunas and salt therapy. Good prices on all services. The streach lady was unreal. I felt like a new man after treatment.


Tiffany Fox

a year ago

This place was inexpensive, not crowded, clean and efficient. My husband and I had never tried an infrared sauna before and the receptionist was super helpful in explaining the sauna experience and light therapy combo. Will definitely return! My skin was red for a while (I'm very fair-skinned), but after that subsided, it was clear and clean! Great experience overall. To improve further, it would be great to cancel out the majority of the background noise. The music and personal space is relaxing, but without a ceiling, the concentration is broken when another customer walks in and is speaking a lot. It in no way ruins the experience, but does detract from it.


Jason Fox

a year ago

Forget everything you thought you knew about saunas. This was unreal. Sweat without the steam! I'm an athletic guy, and this was the equivalent of a high intensity workout. The rooms are nice and relaxing, staff is super friendly and helpful. Make sure you hydrate!


Debbie Hartsog

3 years ago

I have been going to Live Well Salt and Sauna since they opened. I bought the unlimited membership after realizing how much it reduced my pain. I go 4-5 times per week. I have arthritis and joint pain which has been reduced by about 70% since I started going here. Its a clean, beautiful spa environment and the staff are awesome! I Love having 30 minutes each day to unplug and relax. The infrared heat feels amazing. My weight is down as well which is an added bonus. I highly recommend.

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