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3 weeks ago

I went with my friends to the pit today( June 25th, 2018) my experience was not good. I paid for 3 races and only had fun on the last race. The first 2 races my carts were not good. The first one the steering was really stiff and i could hardly turn and it hurt my hands to the point where I had to stop. The second cart was not as fast as the others and it took the fun out of it and that one still had stiff steering. The 3rd cart was the only one I had fun on. So bottom line is it's a gamble on whether or not you'll have fun going there. I would like my money back for the 2 races but i doubt they'll do it. You pay a lot of money and your not guaranteed to have a good time there.


linda Stanwick

3 months ago

Had my son's birthday party here on Saturday afternoon. It was great. Mackenzie was our party host and she did a wonderful job. Very helpful and nice. Would recommend her for your party! The kids had a blast riding go karts, playing laser tag and eating pizza and BD Cake!! So did the adults!


Carmen Brown

3 months ago

Our First visit at the Pit on April 4,2018. We had a blast. Thank you Kristen for being so helpful with our group. You were so thoughtful and understanding. Not only did you explain the rules to us clearly, you checked up on us at almost every stations. Thank you, Thank you Kristen. We will most definitely be back soon!!


Dimitri Willis

3 months ago

Terrible experience. Brought my boys here to have a good time with family. We had to call from inside the building to have someone come and let us ride the bumper cars. We stood there for 25 minutes waiting an there was no employee at that certain post. Then, we played the Barber Cut machine and it is totally rigged. The blade doesnt cut the string and the machine stops prematurely in the middle of play. Dont waste your time here


Bridgette Tickle

in the last week

We went Saturday for my sons 18th bday it was over priced and not very fun. My go cart would not turn and a guy kept hitting me when he came by come to find out it was a employee. My husband had two go carts break on his one race. On the rock climb the pieces were falling off the wall. The laser tag the employees were in there shooting u so much u couldnt play. It is ran by a bunch of young rude people. I wouldnt go back! The reply email doesnt work! I actually took a picture of the guy who kept hitting me on the go kart he was dressed in plan clothes I didnt realize he worked there until he went behind the counter why we were getting drinks, then I ask does he work here and they said yes. As far as the laser tag it was a white guy smaller build shaved or short blonde hair and a oriental guy with glasses.