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Kodi Smith

3 weeks ago

I stumbled upon this place by accident while trying to find late night pizza on a drive from Georgia to CT....thanks to The Salty Caper not adhering to their posted hours after driving a few miles off the interstate late at night, I saw this place next door with a few people sitting inside and ran in for a beer to ease my frustration. Got talking to Mark the owner and a few friends. If you are looking for a large selection of both local and GOOD beers, and someone who knows their stuff about beer and the industry, you need to go check this place out....lots of good draft lines, and multiple coolers and shelves lined with good craft beers from both near and far. Could not recommend this place enough whether you are local or just passing through. Looking forward to visiting again



a month ago

Mark is an amazing business owner and takes care of all of his patrons! Come check this place out for great beers and excellent company :)


Micah McMahan

in the last week

Awesome bottle shop, great staff, and a fantastic selection of local and true imported beers too.


Cory Meade

7 months ago

Mooresville lacks for solid places to find good beer. Ultimate Ales easily has the best selection in town. Hands down. If you're looking for something, especially local, special releases they probably have it. Plus they typically have something pretty good on tap. Beware of the prices,though. If you want to drive to Charlotte you can get a four pack of a local beer for 10 to 12 bucks. At Ultimate Ales you'll easily pay 4 to 6 per can. I understand bills have to be paid, but it's a hard to swallow mark up. Also, I've seen comments that the staff is friendly and helpful, but over my dozen visits that's never been my experience. I think I've been addressed by a staff person once while I was there. I hate to say it, but the Lowe's Foods across the street has a fairly decent selection at a much better price. Unless you're looking for something specifically harder to get, I'd head over there.


Kurt Wolff

5 months ago

Been going to UA since they opened...a great place to hang out and drink a huge selection of craft beers! Great bartenders, great prices, overall an awesome place. Thanks Mark for building a great business for us to all enjoy!