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3 months ago

OMG this place is my new GOTO BBQ joint!!! Hands down the best BBQ I've had in 20 years. Get the creamed corn as your side to any of the amazing features they have. They offer Eastern as well as Western Carolina style varieties. Portion sizes are huge. Finally a super clean locally owned business. Service was FAST!!! Sonny's doesn't hold a candle to Big Tiny's.



6 months ago

Fast casual style. Food came out VERY quickly. Was just sitting down after filling drinks as it arrived. Brisket is amazing! Mac and cheese is good too. Hush puppies are more union, less sweet, bread is more sweet. Slaw was average and sweet potato dish was very tasty GB casserole was excellent and prices were a little high but we chose the large portion. Had a full meal of take home. Parking on the street is free but can be limited at times. Will be back 100%, enjoyed it.


Jacob Gao

6 months ago

This is a tough one. I really enjoyed their service and sweet potato fries. However, their biscuit I am not a huge fan of. Maybe it is because the dryness of it. I probably will try one more time to see if I truly like it or not. But for now I will leave 3 stars here.


hot rods by Smitty

10 months ago

Great place to eat. Staff was friendly and our food arrived fast. Price was reasonable. Food was delicious and you really get alot for the money. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.


Joset Viru

8 months ago

ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! Stopped on a whim today after visiting Musi Racing Open House was headed to some Mexican place and saw the BRISKET sign in the window and I was like lets go there!!!! I LOVE brisket. So glad they had that neon sign or wouldnt have noticed the place. FAST service friendly and excellent food. Potato salad was good too - chunks of potato and the rest blended so no big pieces of onion or celery just great flavor. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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