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Doug Parrish

2 months ago

We ate at Big Tiny's on 12 February 2022 at about 1:00 pm. There were five of us and we chose a variety, so I was able to sample several of the offerings. The Texas style barbecue is different from the Eastern North Carolina style I am used to, but it was delicious, moist, and tender, and paired nicely with the house barbecue sauces. The tea was not too sweet and had a good flavor. That's tough to balance. The hush puppies were small but very good. The fried okra was crisp but still soft in the middle and (thankfully) not too salty. Their okra is way better than mine. The barbecued slaw is sweet and vinegary, very interesting. I think it would pair nicely on a barbecue sandwich. I would definitely take the side road to eat there again if we are ever in the area. I apologize for not acknowledging the staff more, we were caught up in family conversations. The waitress and cook did go out of their way to help us get home without having to use I-77 and I-40, so THANK YOU!


Scott LePage

3 weeks ago

I don't give many 5 stars so with that I'd highly recommend Big Tiny's. Really good Texas style BBQ in the heart of Carolina. If you've never been to a Texas barbecue, you need to get your drink as you come in, then you order your meat at the counter, finally you get your condiments onions and bread on the side. Enjoy!


Joset Viru

in the last week

ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! Stopped on a whim today after visiting Musi Racing Open House was headed to some Mexican place and saw the BRISKET sign in the window and I was like lets go there!!!! I LOVE brisket. So glad they had that neon sign or wouldnt have noticed the place. FAST service friendly and excellent food. Potato salad was good too - chunks of potato and the rest blended so no big pieces of onion or celery just great flavor. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


Janet Couture

a week ago

Staff were very friendly the owner is from Texas and when he found out we live in Texas he came to the table to say Hi! Turns out his wife went to the same HS my children attend! Its a small world. The pulled pork and sweet potato casserole were delicious and they had a good selection of BBQ sauce available on the table. Everyone enjoyed there meals. If you are ever near by stop in and give them a try. They are in a small town near Charlotte, NC


Lisa Ward (Agnes and Dora by LA)

a month ago

We have loved all the food we have ordered there. Always fresh and hot. All staff super friendly. Restaurant is clean. Super fun and causal atmosphere. Love that is located downtown!

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