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Tonya Cruz

10 months ago

This is a great facility! We rented it for our annual Vegetarian Tasting Extravaganza because our previous location was unavailable. We couldn't have been happier! The facility is beautiful, the bathrooms feel like a spa, and the staff is very helpful and super nice! They set everything up for us, so we had very little to do when we arrived.



a year ago

Really pretty venue with an outdoor space perfect for late summer nights with a cool breeze. This is surely a great place to have a #wedding, #baby shower or #realtor event which is why #palatineparcels was there. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this venue. Just be careful about the parking because the veterinary clinic next door WILL have your car towed. I know because this almost happened to me, thank God they made an announcement


Stephanie El

3 weeks ago

Beautiful place for a wedding or any other special event.


Brittney McIntosh

8 months ago

My overall experience was great, however, the entire time they struggled with the spelling of my name after multiple times of telling them to correct it. It feels very impersonal that they couldnt get it right, its for a wedding, should be a very personal thing. My name isnt uncommon, the spelling isnt even uncommon. Its fine, Im fine, everything went fine. Then I got a letter in the mail to leave a review. So, here I am, they even spelled my name correctly. They addressed the letter to Brittney & Kevin. Im sure youre wondering; Whats wrong with that? Well, my husbands name is Ryan. The lack of attention to detail is actually frustrating. In 2020, your resolution should be to do better and pay attention. It reflects poorly on your business.


Lorenzo King

9 months ago

At LK Productions DJ Entertainment Company, we are always looking for the best vendors to refer to our clients. After visiting Magnolia Woods and meeting with Erin Doughty the Venue Manager, we highly recommend this venue. Awesome team of professionals, great location, and a very nice facility.