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Anthony Nugnes

11 months ago

Convenient location in Birkdale village. I've tried 5 or 6 different drinks and enjoyed them all. The Coffee One is my favorite. Worth a visit!


Rodney Klein

a year ago

Great fresh fruit and wonderful staff.


Elsa Kasell

4 weeks ago

I am very happy with the service provided. The food is DELICIOUS and HEALTHY. The employees are GREAT! They are so friendly and polite. They were very careful making and manipulanting my food -which is so important for me-. Thank you!


Kiah Craig

a month ago

Past two experiences at Huntersville location have not been good. Ordered a juice, paid, and then after the juicer made my juice she informed me she was missing an ingredient. She was unwilling to switch it for another juice after I told her I would have ordered something else if I knew she was missing ingredients. Then this morning I ordered a Almond Banana toast. It was burnt, no honey, and no hemp on top. Banana sliced but not spread out. Just sloppy! Very disappointed


Eileen Hume

a month ago

I love the product, but they dont wear masks. As Mecklenberg county is currently under a mask mandate, this is a political statement, and Im tired of dealing with this I refuse to wear a mask war in places of business. As Clean Juice claims to care about health, and is Christian with a prayer jar in the corner, I would expect them to be conservative in all areas dealing with their customers well-being, including the virus. As long as the mandate is in place, they should keep their political opinions at home, and follow the mandate. It shouldnt even be a question, we live in a community and that is what has been recommended for the good of all, whether or not an individual agrees. Its not a big sacrifice, and it is not forever.

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