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Erin Maynor

4 months ago

Ive really wanted to love clean juice! I love smoothies and tend to stick to the same ingredients no matter where I go. That being said, Clean juices version is the most flavorless of all. Ive tried it multiple times adding a little extra ginger or lemon and it still tastes like nothing! I really dont know what they do different. If I didnt have other places to compare I still would prob find it disappointing for the price.


Laura Howard

2 months ago

Really disappointed in the 3 day cleanse and customer service. I ordered online and when I went to pick up at the scheduled time it wasn't even put together. The two people working there had no clue how to put together the immunity cleanse. While packing, the dates on a few drinks said use by 10/12. That would've been the second day of the cleanse. At first they told me they drink them past the date; well the amount I'm paying for this I would like fresh drinks. Then they said I would have to come back on day 2 to get a couple of the juices for the 3rd day. That is not helpful when I work full time with two young kids to have to make another trip back there; had I known I would've just ordered two days. I did return on day two to pick up the juices for day 3 and had to drag my toddler with me in the rain. Just super inconvenient. I even sent them a message via the website and Instagram with feedback and got zero response. Other Clean Juice locations are run so much better, but I will be taking my business to Green Brothers across the street since they are priced the same and the customer service is so much better.


Keren Frederick

3 months ago

Everything was amazing. We ordered the Apple Cider One, Pina Colada One, Cali Wrap, and Immunity 2.0. Everything was made perfectly. The staff was cheerful and attentive. Apple Cider One is my new fav!


Mark Williamsburg

a month ago

While making my Breakfast wrap, she went to answer the phone and then immediately went back to cutting my wrap, without changing her gloves. I lost my appetite. The phone is definitely not clean enough to touch with the same hands as my food.



2 months ago

Very nice employees who greeted me and got my to go order for me as soon as I walked in the door. Very nice staff & great food & drinks! Will definitely be back!

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